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How are you feeling? Warm or cool?

How are you feeling? Warm or cool?



A standard in cosmetology practice, colour analysis, uses the concept that your skin tone may determine which cosmetic colours work best for you.  Whereas this is often useful to know, it by no means indicates that an entire range of color is off-limits to you.  What is does mean is certain colour choices will flatter your particular skin tone more than others.  La Bella Donna uses a general overview of colour categories, divided into warm and cool palettes.  Every individual has their own genetic blueprint, however, and many people cross categories-you may be warm and cool blonde, redhead, or brunette.  You may have a pinky complexion and red hair or golden skin and warm brown hair with streaks of copper.  Although matching you foundation to your skin tone is absolutely necessary, you can experiment with colour on the lips, eyes, cheeks, and nails.  Colour is really about your personality as much as the physical attributes you were born with, and you can vary your colouring as often as you like.

The colours in a warm palette consist of yellow-based shades, such as yellow-greens, and yellow-reds, which include golds, coppers, organs, orange-reds, browns, corals, peachy-pinks, browny- pinks, and gold-pinks.  Traditionally these colours are more suitable for skins with a yellow undertone or fair skin with golden freckles; turquoise to blue-green, hazel, green, or brown eyes; and hair in dark brown, shades with gold or red highlights, honey blonde, warm brown, or strawberry or coppery reds.
Making it very easy to remember the colour code for warm tones- they are consistent with sunshine, such as yellow, orange and peach, but the spectrum continues into neuturals like brown. 

Colours with blue-based undertones, such as blue-green or blue-red, which includes plums, rose-pinks, berries, turquoises, periwinkle, and royal blue, make up the cool palette.  These colours traditionally suit pink complexions and skins with a blue undertone; light to dark blue, hazel or brown eyes; and hair that is light to dark blonde, light to dark brown or black.  They are also the tones that most often suit more mature women, those with gray hair and those with strongly contrasting fair skin and raven hair.

Making it very easy to remember the colour code for cool tones-they have the undertones of a cold day-white, mauve, lilac, blue and eggplant.

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