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The Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul

The Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul

You owe it to your eyes to make them as expressive and lovely as possible, emphasizing their positive aspects- long lashes, a graceful shape extraordinary colour or placement. –Here’s how using La Bella Donna colour, liner and mascara.

LINING YOUR EYES - Instructions

Depending upon what kind of eyeliner you like – precise or smudged – you can line your eyes with La Bella Donna’s eyeliner pencil or La Bella Donna’s angled eyeliner brush and any La Bella Donna eye shadow powder.

No matter which route you choose the key is to colour the root of the lash, not the skin around it. This will help any sparse lashes appear thicker at the root, and naturally thick lashes will look outrageously luxurious. It is not necessary to put liner on in one long, unbroken line. Tiny, intersecting strokes accomplish the same effect and are kinder to the delicate skin around the eye.



To keep eye shadow from creasing, first dust the lid with La Bella Donna’s Loose Mineral Foundation. It creates and oil-free surface to ensure shadow goes on smoothly.
Use La Bella Donna's Blushing brush to cover the entire lid area with a La Bella Donna neutral eyeshadow –we suggest a Ballet Buff, Cameo, Nude. This will provide a sheer wash of colour that will even out your lid colour and prepare it for the second colour.  

Using La Bella Donna’s Dome Top shaped brush. (Take notice of how the brush fits comfortably in the recessed area beneath your occipital bone, up close and personal with your eye socket.)  This second colour application is applied starting at the outside of your eye and working inward. Be sure to blend any colour applied around your eyes, letting the colors flow into each other. There should be no line of demarcation, just a seamless transition from one colour to the next. You may also brush a highlighter shade to the area right under the arch of your eyebrow.

Take Note:  The general rule of colour selection.  The darker the eye, the deeper the eye product. Darker skin tends to absorb colour.  Use rich eye colours like gold, grays, amethyst, coppers and browns.  Light-eyed beauties should select taupes, light grays, sultry olive and blues.


Think of the final swish of mascara as a finishing touch to complete eye makeup.  

Apply La Bella Donna mascara by starting at the root of the lashes, following the curve of the lashes upward and outward. Don’t let your mascara collect at the tips.  

To get a precise lower lash application, turn the wand perpendicular to your lash line, and paint only a few lashes at the outside corner, paint each lash singly with the tip of the wand.

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