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Lotus Wei, Katie Hess

Lotus Wei, Katie Hess

Lotus Wei Founder and Formulator, Katie Hess, has spent a lifetime cultivating her expertise as an organic alchemist and sourcing flower essences from all over the world. Gaining profound experience from one-on-one flower essence therapy, she now infuses them into Flower Elixirs, Energy Mists, & Body Oils to awaken inner and outer beauty.

In Mandarin, Wei means transformative action or awakening. Lotus Wei's customized elixirs, mists, and oils will not just please your senses with luxurious flavor, feel and aroma, they'll also work to actively transform your mind and body from within.

Customize your experience.

Choose a flower that visually appeals to you then match it to the number below to find out what you need most..


1. Joy Juice - More laughter, joy, playfulness & fun.

2. Inner Peace - Feel relaxed, calm, confident & comfortable with yourself.

3. Infinite Love - Enhance and attract love; be kind to yourself.

4. Quiet Mind - Dissolve tension, quiet the mind, sleep soundly.

5. Inspired Action - Get it done; stay motivated, clear & decisive.

6. Pure Energy - Energize, revitalize, protect from others' stress.

Lotus Wei Body Oils

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