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Climb its wild bluffs and Nantucket fills you with soothing breaths of sea swept air. Walk along its silent beaches on shifting sands and Nantucket offers you stability and balance. Explore its pristine salt marshes and island ponds and Nantucket gently wakes you to your deepest passions.  

One of the world’s most captivating islands, Nantucket’s 300-year-old cobblestone streets and charming sea captain’s cottages form the backdrop of an enchanted world. Once a booming whaling port, Nantucket now moves at a gentler pace, the perfect counterbalance to all you’ve left behind.

Few know this magical island better than native John Harding of Nantucket Natural Oils. John took us on a personal tour that included a seal encounter cruise to Muskeget Island, a trip to Nantucket’s three historic lighthouses (Brant Point, Sankaty and Great Point), plus relaxation and sunsets on Madaket Beach (picnic basket and kite included). He left us at a charming B&B where we enjoyed his wild-crafted essential oils — a few drops of his aromatherapy blend in the bath gave pampering a whole new meaning.

Nantucket life embraces old-fashioned pleasures and special indulgences. It’s a true healing destination that inspires a cornucopia of wonderful self-care products for the MySpaShop community. Nantucket never disappoints … and neither will our shopping list.


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