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Summer Madness, Wellness Solutions by Alicia Kirschenheiter

Summer Madness, Wellness Solutions by Alicia Kirschenheiter

Owner, Evolution Total Wellness

Summer, for most, is delightfully anticipated more than any other season. The beaches, the sand, the sun, the family reunions, time with the kids, the trips, the tennis, the gardening…delightful. AND demanding. Trying to squeeze every drop out of a few short months can really wear you down and do a number on your body, not to mention your spirit. The fact is, summer can be draining, not the energy charge we expect. It’s vital that we remember to care for ourselves in order to continue to press on with caring for others in our lives. There are many ways in which we could provide ourselves with necessary rejuvenation. Here are a few that we hope will help make your summer all that you hoped it would be:


One way of replenishing our lost stores would be a daily ocean swim. The healing and calming that comes when we surround ourselves with seawater is second to none. Most of us, however, don’t have an ocean or sea available every time we want to take a dip, and when we do get it, it’s usually just for a week or two. Don’t despair, there are other ways to reap the mystical, curative properties of the sea.

Thalassotherapy (Greek – “thalassa” (the sea) and “therap” (treat)) is the therapeutic use of the ocean and its incredible properties. Marine products like algae, seaweed and alluvial mud all offer intense healing. The guiding principal of this ancient ritual is that repeated exposure to sea air, and immersion in warm seawater, mud, clay and protein-rich algae helps restore the body’s natural chemical balance. There are strong similarities between seawater and human plasma, and when immersed in seawater, osmosis works wonders in mineral absorption.

The Sweet Season

 The bounty of fruit available in the summer is glorious. Berries, stone fruits, melons…all providing joyful tastes and textures. Hydrating, packed with vitamins, with each bite of a perfect summer fruit you almost can’t believe your luck. Don’t forget the tropical fruits, either – refreshing, exotic (I am personally a mango fiend). A natural boost to body and spirit. Yum.


Take It On Road


Don’t make the mistake of losing ground in your exercise routine when your circumstances change, such as when you are on vacation. Be flexible and adapt. Use what you have available. I always pack some lightweight resistance bands that travel with me, and any hotel room instantly becomes a gym. Take advantage of fitness opportunities where you find them – your vacation will become all the more satisfying for it.

Take It On Road


That’s right. Me Time. It’s important for our health and wellbeing. Don’t neglect yourself - at least a few times a week, escape to a Spa. It’s right there, in your own home. Close the door, dim the lights, and create an opportunity to further the healthy and beauty benefits of summer, even if what you’ve planned this year is a “staycation”. Thalassotherapy (mentioned above) can transport you to the sea. Quality self-tanning products can give you the golden glow you’ve always dreamed about, safely. Soothing facial treatments can relax and energize. These little escapes can make a big difference.


Summer is fleeting, this one is already more than halfway over and it feels like it’s just begun. Make the most of this golden season, it’s precious. One more tip – every day, take just one moment to truly appreciate something about your summer, and feel the smile come. Who knows? You might just be having the summer of your dreams.


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