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Health Benefits of The Floating Bed

A Better Way to Sleep, Relax and Recuperate

If you are sleeping like the “average American,” your health is being compromised every night.  Stress, overwork, the fast pace of life, many things contribute to our modern habit of unhealthy sleep.
Yet studies show that sleep quality is the #1 indicator of long life, even more than diet or exercise. Those who sleep better, live better too. They do better at work, in relationships, have fewer accidents, and stronger immune systems. Better sleep will dramatically improve your health.  What if your bed could actively contribute to your health?  What if it could even make sleep more enjoyable too?  

Nature solved the problem a long time ago. It’s called Omni-Pendulum or Floating Motion.  Scientific studies show many benefits of rocking. But all motion is not equal; Floating Motion is the only relaxing motion.  That’s why the Floating Bed hangs from one point, for this perfect motion.  It was designed from a blank slate, not for looks, but for maximum benefits. Most importantly, it really feels great too.  You feel almost weightless, as if you are floating. This is a major, scientifically proven sleep & health breakthrough.  

Floating Motion has many benefits
First, it is a proven, natural sleep aid. Why? We all spend our first nine months floating, gently rocking in mother’s womb. Nature chose this ideal motion for its calming effect. It activates a deep, powerful relaxation response. Next, mothers intuitively rock babies from head to toe, with the same motion.  Everyone knows rocking is good for a baby.  Now electroencephalogram (EEG) and other scientific studies show that people sleep better, with more stage 3 sleep (the deep healing stage), with this gentle motion.  In a recent study every person entered deep sleep faster and stayed there longer when gently rocking.   Brain scans show more slow waves (Delta & Theta) and more “sleep spindles,” indicating higher quality rest and healing. And when used as a sofa, these more relaxed brain waves help synchronize the group.

Rocking increases blood and most importantly, lymphatic circulation, while sitting or sleeping.  You know that your heart pumps oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  Fewer people realize that our cellular “drain system,” which carries the toxins away, is the lymphatic system. But lymphatic circulation is not driven by your heart at all, as it has no pump - it requires motion.

Your body’s plumbing system is like the one in your home.
Your heart pumps oxygen and nutrients into the cells, just like your faucet sends pressurized water into the sink. But if your sink drain is sluggish, it overflows. That is like what happens in your body when you stop moving; cells fill up and overflow with waste products, until you move again.
In fact, without motion, you will literally die.  People with inadequate motion quickly develop serious health problems. Studies show that the more sedentary you are, the shorter your life span.  People who are bed-ridden must be “turned” every few hours, to prevent bed sores, pressure ulcers and other serious medical complications.  After surgery, a patient is required to get up and move around right away, because movement speeds up post-operative recovery, and reduces pain. And, it feels good!

Motion speeds the flow of your circulation by decreasing lymphatic back pressure.  This can reduce soreness, back pain and swelling in the body within minutes.  Reducing swelling is a first principle of healing.  Rocking creates a subtle pumping action that increases circulation between spinal discs and other joints, bathing your cells in fresh nutrients.  Your body recognizes this and sends signals of pleasure, to encourage you to continue the motion.  Muscles stretch and relax in response.  
This is much more relaxing than simply lying down.

More Motion = Better Health 
Gentle motion at night provides better sleep, less stiffness in the morning and better health.  Studies show that rocking reduces stress and even improves dreams.  Users report relief for many conditions, such as restless leg syndrome and circulatory problems.

Omni-Pendulum or floating motion cures motion sickness. How this happens is not fully understood, but well documented.  One theory is that rocking puts accumulated toxins into circulation and then sweeps them out.  Children rarely have motion sensitivity.  Yet many adults do and it gets worse with age.  Ironically, the thing sufferers avoid, motion, is the cure.  Fortunately, this cure is actually enjoyable!  We recommend you begin very slowly and increase over about 4 - 6 weeks. Omni-pendulums have been used for centuries to painlessly prepare sailors for long voyage.

Rocking beds for specials needs children

Other benefits of Motion - “Vestibular Therapy”   
Motion increases communication between the brain hemispheres and helps bring balance.  During gentle rocking, lymphatic circulation increases as you are in a relaxed physical, emotional and mental state, which is positive for healing.  Modern life is deficient in motion, which our ancestors got through activity.  Motion restores life.  Motion studies show benefits for people with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other health conditions due to increased concentration, attentiveness, learning, balance and body awareness.  (Contact us for a list of other conditions shown to have been benefited as well as other therapy uses.)

The right motion makes all the difference.  No other bed has this floating motion and it is superior to older motion-type beds such as waterbeds and hammocks. Floating is the most simple, stable, predictable motion and the only one suitable for a bed and for relaxing.  Floating is the only motion that tells the Vestibular (balance) System that it is safe to relax.  All other motional beds move up, down, or lurch side-to-side. They toss you around unpredictably, creating chaotic waves of fluid in the inner ear. That indicates to the body potential danger, so the balance system tells you not to relax.  
Omni-Pendulum Motion is best. Our bed arcs very slowly, gently and smoothly as it swings, holding you perfectly in place. You will not fall out and your inner ear fluid remains calm and undisturbed. Just like when you swing a bucket of water over your head, the water stays put due to centrifugal force; it does not slosh around or fall out. Unlike other motional beds, you are not tossed around unnaturally.  The floating arc of the Omni-Pendulum Motion bed cradles you and you move with it, almost unaware of the motion.  This is the only safe motion and your body instantly recognizes it.  You automatically relax in a way that you cannot with any other bed.  Everyone has this “ah-ha” experience on the “Floating Bed.” Fortunately, you don’t have to understand the mechanics behind it; you just feel it and instantly, deeply, relax.

So what’s the bad news?
You have to purchase one, and install it and it does take some space. After that, it’s all good news.  You sleep better every night and reap the health benefits, for the rest of your life.
Users love it!  This is not all just theory.  Owners say it’s one of the best value purchases they have ever made. They say it feels great and they fall asleep faster, deeper, have better sleep and better dreams.  They awake feeling more refreshed with less stiffness and other negative residual effects from sleep and immobility and they are finding improvements in overall health.  

Floating Bed Media Appearances: Featured on Jay Leno Show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, American Inventor and more!   It is showcased in the “Bed of the Future” at Disney World Resort ® Innoventions at Epcot ®.  They are enjoyed by many people, in their homes, at hotels and health spas worldwide.

Where can I put it?
The bedroom is a great choice.  Otherwise there are many ways to enjoy a Floating Bed, if you can’t dedicate a bedroom, or every night to it.  They are surprisingly practical. People put them indoors or out, in the living room, porch, den, deck, as a sofa, an occasional bed, guest bed, or nap bed.  
Even a five-minute rest on a Floating Bed makes you feel much better, since your circulation continues. In contrast, if you try a five-minute nap on your old-fashioned bed, you often feel groggy, or worse.

Memory Foam, for many companies, their only reason for claim of superiority.  Well, we have it too.  Yet Memory Foam is just one in the list of great reasons to have a Floating Bed.  

Installation Uncertainty?  Other Questions?  We can help with that too.  And ask about our guarantee.  We can tell you more about other benefits, the unique construction and how the details work together to provide your best sleeping experience.

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