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Bellabaci Cupping Therapy, Keren Trabelsi

2 min read

Bellabaci Cupping Therapy, Keren Trabelsi - My Spa Shop

Keren Trabelsi is the originator of the Bellabaci Body and Facial Massage Systems and CEO of Bellabaci International, a South African company located in Cape Town. This modern and contemporary innovation is based on the ancient traditional alternative and natural healing treatment methods of Chinese cupping therapy and Hajima.  Bellabaci’s unique Body Massage System combined with Bellabaci’s original Homeopathic Essential Complexes is fast proving to be the most effective, logical, natural and affordable at home remedy in getting rid of cellulite.

The Bellabaci Cupping Massage Systems and techniques are the brainchild of Keren Trabelsi, an experienced, certified therapeutic massage therapist, beauty and health spa owner, wife and mother to two beautiful girls.When Keren suffered from inflamed back muscles after her second pregnancy, she tried everything – from massage to physiotherapy but found no relief. Quite by chance, she stumbled upon cupping therapy. After just one session, her excruciating pain was gone for good! Keren was keen to introduce cupping therapy to her clients and patients but was concerned about the “bruising” associated with the practice. Keren knew that her clients would shy away from the treatments due to the “bruising” marks. Keren started researching different materials and after a few years of testing and failures found the perfect solution to eliminating the bruising and actually improving on the traditional cupping therapy techniques. Bellabaci was born. The high-grade medical silicone Bellabaci Cup was born and you can now benefit in your business with this phenomenally effective therapy technique and treatment and save yourself a whole lot of pain.Listen to Keren’s interview with Melissa from the Cellulite Investigation- Video coming soon.Please check back.


Bellabaci Comes of Age Introducing an innovative massage treatment and technique that delivers excellent holistic and therapeutic healing results! The Bellabaci massage cups are effective in treating a myriad of modern-day ailments and health problems such as headaches and migraines, spider veins, stretch marks, abdominal problems, sport injuries, anti-aging to name a few and is constantly adding more treatment alternatives as doctors, therapists and physiotherapists report back on clinical trials and their successes in treating clients and patients. You’ll love the incredible simplicity of the Bellabaci cups and what they will do for you!  Bellabaci systems are used by adults and can be used safely on children. 


Kiss Your Cellulite Goodbye! Use it to create a flow of freshly oxygenated blood that's rich in natural nutrients, to release and clear your body of waste and toxins from the fat cells, to break up and remove the orange peel cellulite look for smoother, more toned skin.


Kiss Your Body Better! Tight or sore muscles? Digestive disorders? Headaches or migraines? Cellulite? Stretch marks or spider veins? Joint pain? Kiss your ailments goodbye with the Bellabaci Body Massage System


Kiss Your Face Beautiful! Tired eyes? Weary complexion? Trouble skin? Wondering where the younger, fresher-faced, cuter you has disappeared to? Kiss your face back to beautiful with the Bellabaci Facial Massage System Massage with Cups and Kisses! Looking for a massage that goes beyond Deep Tissue, further than Thai, deeper than Sports, longer than Aromatherapy? A massage that gives you more? Kiss and make up with the Bellabaci Massage Therapy System.


 Watch this "How to" instruction video featuring Keren Trabelsi! 

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