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6 Reasons Why a Retreat is Essential to YOU in 2024

6 min read

6 Reasons Why a Retreat is Essential to YOU in 2024 - My Spa Shop


6 Reasons Why a Retreat is Essential to YOU in 2024 ©Adora Wiqnuist 2024

Welcome 2024, the year of the Dragon and the number 8, tapping into the infinite potential of your passion and sacred purpose. In liberation. In abundance.

My motto for this year (and life) is Carpe Diem. We can seize both the day and this very moment.It is within this moment that a doorway of transformation, filled with potential, opens and we can transform and uplift ourselves to new levels of joy,vibrancy and clarity, rising as the sacred self leader of our most abundant and authentic life.

Your heart is calling. Your soul is beckoning you. You are being called to rise, liberated to find, live and thrive in your sacred purpose.

The start of the new year is a fresh, new beginning. And yet, we can still carry the energy, emotions, belief systems and patterns from the past that no longer serve us. We are guided to co-create our lives differently, more intentionally. As the earth continues to evolve and awaken, we too are invited to bask in the auspicious nature of new possibilities: greater levels of vibrant health, deeper connection to our mystical and spiritual wisdom, expanded experiences of joy and fulfillment. The vibrations around and within us are rising, bringing to the forefront of our awareness what is working in our lives and what is called to shift.

Do you feel continually pulled in multiple directions at once, often disconnected or distracted from your inner calling?

 Whether you are looking to accelerate your spiritual development, expand emotional resilience, transcendtrauma and remove generational blocks,the 5 pillars of modern alchemy will give you the somatic experiences and alchemical tools to uplift, transform and balance yourself from the inside out.

 Modern alchemy unites spirituality and science with practices that are simple, accessible and still profound, transmuting the past patterns of limitation into inspiration, wisdom and compassion.

 For each individual there is a unique alchemical formula to unlock the innate potential and greater empowerment within. Through this journey of self discovery and transformation, you are able to unlock the mysteries of your past and chart a new course for a harmonious, purpose-filled future filled with love and the profound magic available to you.

 There is a Sioux saying that the longest distance is from the mind to the heart. The journey is not linear or logical. To live and love with an awakened heart, an illuminated mind and a sovereign soul requires clear intention and consistent practice. This is the Love Frequency.

 “The Love Frequency invites you to come into a deeper state of heart-centered living where your heart becomes your true North, your source of creation and liberation, and a commanding presence of leadership in your life.”

 Here are 6 reasons why a retreat is essential to YOU in 2024

Carving out the time and space for you to rest, reflect and refine your intentions for your life is a master key to living consistently with joy, fulfillment and passion.


1. Ignite Inspiration

 Zoom fatigue (still) ,the incessant tug from multiple directions and avaried number of additional life stressors have left many of us feeling stuck, distracted, and disconnected. This can show up in our health, relationships and work as a sense of listlessness, frustration and dissatisfaction. When we are inspired we are engaged with life, we are aligned with the flow of universal energy and filled with ideas and the vision to materialize them.

Reignite your passion, purpose and inspiration and celebrate the beauty of life in all of its forms. Immerse yourself in creativity and connections to awaken the joie de vivre, the joy of life, that exists innately within you!

2. Connect in Sacred Community

When was the last time you sang, danced and laughed with others of like mind in community? We long to share the stories of our life journey with others, it is part of our DNA and it is how we heal and evolve collectively.

There is great magic that unfolds when those of like mind and resonance unite, mountains can be moved, quantum leaps in healing personal and planetary are possible and your unique experience becomes augmented by another.

From meditation to movement to ceremony and co-creating with the elements, you will feel the sense of freedom and communion that comes from a welcoming, compassionate community and the remembrance of being part of the whole.Enjoy the delight of glorious and healthy meals prepared for you so you can experience being deeply cared for and nourished.

When we come together, we heal and grow together. We rise together.

3.  Commune in Nature

Surrounding ourselves in nature is one of the greatest healing gifts available. When we learn how to co-create with elements of the natural world like essential oils, crystals and sacred geometry we become both the alchemy and the alchemist.

The elements of earth, air, water and fire have volumes to teach us about ourselves and the beautiful pathways of empowerment that exist within us. Rare and precious aromatics and crystals contain very high vibrational patterns that can unlock vast amounts of ancient wisdom and divine knowledge within us at the cellular, DNA and soul level.

You will experience profound levels of awakening and transformation through the alchemy of nature that will sustainably shift and expand your understanding of your path and purpose in this life. You will take home new skills and applications of this ancient wisdom to apply to your modern day life to magnetize greater health, intuition and abundance.

4. Accessible Tools & Techniques

Just as the Earth is evolving, we are too. New tools and techniques are imperative for us to live the highest and most vibrant life. Our soul work and spiritual growth requires accessibility and practicality just as it requires an open mind and heart.

Experience practical tools and techniques to embody innovative ways of being, manifesting, balancing and activatingvibrant health including high immunity and harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learn how to curate your internal and external environment to co-create your highest life experience of joy and vitality. Aromatic Neural Repatterning ™ (ANR), crystal grids and tapping techniques for deep relaxation and psychic activation are but a few of the interventions you will learn to integrate into your daily life.

5. Heal to Illuminate

Together we will clear, heal and awaken to your inner wise one and learn how to live a life beyond limitations. Healing the past allows us to craft a new story and illuminate our brightest futures.

As you clear old patterns of limitation and lack from your belief systems, emotional body, mental constructs, and your cellular consciousness, you will source a deeper connection within.

The alchemy of healing your physical vessel for your soul's expression, transforms your entire outlook and expectation of life. Healing at the core and DNA level elevates your physical vitality, emotional intelligence, and your spiritual understanding of life and your place within it.

6. Claim Your Joy

We are pulled into more directions at once than we can count. The chaos and uncertainty can easily tug at our energy and emotions if we allow it.

Where your attention goes your energy of creation goes.

To live with joy, inner stability and compassion requires intentional practices and consistency.

It comes from a cultivation of your connection to the natural world, your inner being and those that nourish and elevate you.

Carve out the space to put yourself first, let go and let grace fill your cup. Claim your joy and rise to the peak of your mountain.💜

Join me for Modern Alchemy of the Heart and immerse yourself in the beauty, wisdom and meaningful purpose held deep within you.

Mother’s Day weekend at the inspirational Art of the Living Retreat Center in Boone NC.

We have but one life to live. It goes by so much more quickly than we can comprehend. True fulfillment comes from living without regret. The paramount realization that time is our most precious resource can come none too soon. It is our love, the fulfillment of our souls and beings that we take with us.

Carpe Diem, seize the moment and join us to claim your greatness and unite in greater abundance and harmony in our 2024 retreats. For more information and to save your space today: https://thesoulinstitute.co/events-and-retreats

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