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Spring Skin Care Tips by Ada Polla, Alchimie Forever

Spring Skin Care Tips by Ada Polla, Alchimie Forever

While it is still in the 40s in many parts of the country, and while you may still have snow on the ground, Spring is right around the corner. With every change of season, it is always important to take a look at your skin care routine, and adjust your regimen and product choices.

Here are my top 5 beauty tips for Spring. 

1.    Reveal your flawless complexion: exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and the winter blahs. While over-exfoliating is nefarious to the skin, and while you need to pick a scrub that will both reveal a clearer, smoother complexion but that will not irritate your skin, this step is essential in helping your other products work better. Not exfoliating is like taking a shower with a raincoat on – the treatment products are not able to have their effect. Alchimie Forever Gentle Antioxidant Scrub will leave you skin soft and glowing. 

2.    Switch to a lighter moisturizer: as the weather warms and as we turn off the heat, our skin will start to need less moisture. When you feel the time is right, switch to a slightly lighter moisturizer. Remember to always (regardless of season) look for a moisturizer that will have anti-aging benefits. Alchimie Forever Skin Care provides a lightweight day cream that hydrates and smoothes the skin while regulating sebum production. 

3.     Remember that aging does not stop at the jaw-line: as the weather warms and the sun comes out, our wardrobe will encompass more pieces that reveal arms, décolleté, legs (and yes, soon we will be required to put those bathing suits on…). Incorporate some body products in your routine. An anti-aging gel for neck and bust such as Alchimie Forever Firming Gel for Neck and Bust, is ideal to protect this often-forgotten part of our body. An anti-cellulite gel such as Alchimie Forever Optimizing Body Contour Gel,  will help tighten those problem areas. 

4.    Get a haircut… and maybe some highlights: The dry winter air and wind wreaks havoc on my hair. Split ends are typically the sign that winter is almost over. I love a nice spring haircut, and a few highlights make me feel like the sun has been shining for much longer than it has. 

5.    Spring = spring cleaning: take this opportunity to go through your vanity and makeup bag. Throw away anything that has been in there for more than 6 months (skin care, body products, and makeup). Take this opportunity to spring clean your products, and invest in some new skin care products, and a few spring colors.

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