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Nantucket Perfume Co.

Nantucket Perfume Company Essential Oils

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Our essential oils are sourced directly from small producers worldwide who ethically wild harvest or sustainably cultivate the plants and distill the oils in small batches. As a result of working directly with artisan, not commercial, producers, quality is never compromised. The oils remain genuine, authentic and as unadulterated as when they were first distilled. Most essential oils are certified organic by trusted agencies (Ecocert, Ceres, Qualite-France, etc.) in their country of origin, as well as certified NOP organic by the USDA. The result is essential oils that are guaranteed fully potent and bioavailable when used for treatment purposes.


All essential oils are 0.5 fl oz. or 1 oz.

Available Scents:

Basil: A fresh, highly saturated spicy-sweet-herbaceous oil from India that uplifts, awakens and refreshes. Tropical basil generates stamina and kindles self-confidence. This oil will also help with energy and motivation, and enhance sexual drive. Useful for repelling insects (e.g. with Lemongrass).

Bergamot: Cold pressed in Italy from the peels of organically-grown bergamot oranges. A smooth blend of fresh-citrus topnotes mingling with full-bodied fruity-sweet notes. Balancing, uplifting and gently warming, Bergamot oil regulates mood swings and lifts the spirits. Topically this oil can be used to balance skin that is oily, scaly or slow to heal.

Caution: Increases skin photosensitivity, so avoid any exposure to sunlight after topical application.

Clary Sage: 10% Essential Oil : A soft, dry, tea-leaf note distilled in Bulgaria from organically-grown plantations. Calming, euphoric and balancing, Clary sage oil is for prolonged overstimulation leading to mental, emotional and physical tension and restlessness. Brings tranquility and balance to the mind and emotions; calms anxiety, panic paranoia.  Promotes deep sleep and vivid dreams. Boosts confidences.   A relaxing aphrodisiac; eases impotence and frigidity.  An important woman's regulator in all phases of reproductive life. Clary sage benefits oily skin and hair, and can be used for wrinkles and hair loss. Note: should not be used during pregnancy.  It can also be mildly intoxicating. 

Eucalyptus:Invigorating, penetrating, balancing. Helps clear and open the energetic pathways of the body and mind. Purifies and clears negative energy from one's aura and environment (use in spray mist). Balances heart chakra and the emotions.  A fresh, spicy-herbaceous oil from wild Australian forests. Refreshing and stimulating, Eucalyptus is perfect for addressing lethargy, confusion and indecision. Stimulates circulation. Also dispersing and clarifying, the oil helps with emotional conflict and reactivity. Eucalyptus is a classic for chest rubs and steam inhalations. Topically Eucalyptus will cool and regenerate the skin. Effective insect repellent. 

Lemongrass: Golden Gift of the sun, carrying solar vitality into the body, mind and soul.  Lively, energizing, purifying. Brings light, optimism and humor into ones life.  A smooth, gentle lemony-herbaceous oil distilled in Ethiopia. Lemongrass promotes relaxed focus, poise and clarity both mentally and emotionally. For confusion, lack of perspective and reactive loss of "cool." Lemongrass can produce steady, collected mental creativity. A stimulant for the immune system and the nervous systems. Assists purification of the blood and lymphatic system.  A tonic for the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, circulatory system. Has antiseptic properties; aids healing of wounds and infections. This oil is a good skin toner for atonic or devitalized skin.  Caution: As this oil is somewhat skin-irritant, use only in a 1% dilution, i.e. six drops per oz of carrier oil.

Neroli: A lyrical, floral sweet-citrus oil from Italy with honeysuckle overtones, distilled from selective bitter orange flowers. Neroli calms, nurtures and uplifts, relieving over stimulation and emotional distress. Used for grief, worry, fearfulness and withdrawal, especially when associated with nervous tension and restlessness. Neroli oil enhances all skin types.

Peppermint:  An extremely versatile essential oil. Exciting, vitalizing, refreshing. A clean, fresh, spicy-cool, sweet herbaceous oil distilled in North America from organically grown plants. Peppermint awakens, stimulates and intensifies in conditions of lethargy and indecision. Helps break through emotional knots and conflicts, and relieves mental brooding. Peppermint is also well known for easing discomfort in the head region. Excellent for motions sickness, headaches, nausea. Highly beneficial for digestive disorders.  Good for fever, colds and flu. An antiseptic cleanser for the skin. Used for massage, helps relive muscle, arthritic and menstrual pain. Repels spiders, mites, pantry moths.etc. 

Roman Chamomile: Gentle, calming, soothing. Promotes a sense of inner peace when one is feeling overwhelmed and needs a caring touch. Helps one to embrace and express sensitive and caring qualities. Eases depression, stress, anger irritability and hyper sensitivity. Especially gentle and soothing in children in times of anxiety or stress. Assists and nurtures those doing work with their own "inner child". Helps regulate the menstrual cycle and eases menstrual pain.  Immune systems stimulant. Excellent for the kidneys and liver (eases congestion of liver and spleen.) lowers blood pressure.  Assists detoxification of the body. Aids digestion. Induces restful sleep. Soothes muscles and joints.  Excellent for sprains (gently apply a few drops to affected area).  Uses: massage, chest rub, bath, sauna, diffuser, skin & hair care. 

True Bulgarian Lavender: Our best lavender essential oil, the smoothest lavender scent you will smell. The "Angel of Healing and Purification".  One of the most gentle and versatile essential oils. Produced from organic stands in Bulgaria. A sweet-green, floral-herbaceous note, with a hint of woodyness. Activates the crown chakra , allowing the light of intuition and inner guidance to inspire.  Excellent for clearing depression, impatience, stress, worry and shock.  Lavender soothes, calms and harmonizes, relieving nervous tension and irritability. It can help resolve emotional crises and facilitates letting go of past negative experiences. The oil is also well-known for relieving problems associated with sleep. Lavender is cooling and regenerating in a variety of skin issues.

Tea Tree: Known as the "miracle oil". the single most effective and not-toxic antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oil. Distilled in Australia's East Coast from organically-grown tea tree leaves, a delicate fresh-sweet, lemony, oil. Tea tree gently stimulates, clarifies and centers in conditions of mental confusion, poor focus, worry and low self-assertion. Stimulates the immune system; useful for assisting and speeding all healing processes.  Tea tree can enhance mental creativity. A versatile topical oil used to clean and enhance the skin.

Ylang Ylang: GRADE #1. A lyrical sweet-floral oil from the "queen of flowers" from Madagascar. Ylang ylang's effects are euphoric, sensualizing and uplifting. The oil diffuses emotional and sensual inhibition, reduces fearful reactivity around sexual issues, and relieves withdrawal from any cause. Ylang ylang will also help dissolve anger, nervous tension and irritability. Used topically for oily or congested skin and scalp.

In 1983 John Harding discovered he possessed a rare talent. He is what perfumers call a Nose (French: le nez) due to their fine sense of smell and skill in producing olfactory compositions. He discovered he could formulate the multiple oils at the root of every designer perfume.

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