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White Lion Tea

White Lion Tea Gift Sachet Tin

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10 individually wrapped sachets of White Lion Tea's tea in a black gift tin. The tin's unique picture frame design can be used to hold a personal photo and becomes a charming keepsake. 

About Our Teas

Our Black Teas: Traditional production of tea begins with hand harvesting. In black tea, the harvest is withered then rolled to release the enzymes within the cell structure of the leaves. The leaves are spread out on drying trays to facilitate oxidation, or fermentation. It is this oxidation process that changes the leaf color from green to black. Finally, the leaves are fired in ovens to stop the process and dried again to remove all moisture.

Our Green Teas: Green teas possess a more delicate, subtle flavor than black teas. They are fresh and clean tasting. After harvesting, the leaves are pan fired. The exposure to hot steam destroys the enzymes that would otherwise cause the leaves to ferment. After, they are rolled on heated tables to further dry the tea. Finally, the leaves are fired, graded, and packed. The entire process takes only one day.

Our White Teas: White Teas are the world's rarest variety. Two leaves and a bud are gathered just before sunrise so that they still have some moisture on their surface. Seven days of picking are needed to make just eight kilos of White Tea. This tea’s early origins are indicated by the simplicity of the processing. The leaves are slowly withered, then lightly fermented without a final firing. White Teas are very high in anti-oxidants and naturally low in caffeine.

Our Herbal Teas: Herbals and Tisanes (French for infusions) do not contain leaves from the true tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, and are naturally caffeine free. Some are lush and exotic while others are classic in their simplicity. These teas are beautifully blended for the eye as well as the palate.

Available in our most popular blends:

Black Teas:

Organic Classic English Blend A traditional combination of golden tipped Indian teas with a strong, malty flavor. A classic for its ultimate drinkability and broad appeal. Wonderful with milk and sugar, in the British style.

Organic Masala Chai is a warm and mysterious authentic Chai that combines Assam Black Tea, Cardamon Pods, Cinnamon pieces & ginger root.

Ginger Peach Tea This tea combines the succulent flavor of peaches with a hint of ginger. One of our most popular blends, this tea is fabulous over ice!

Organic Earl Grey Natural Italian oil of Bergamot gives this tea its crisp citrusy bouquet. An all time classic, this tea is Sir Aubrey's favorite.

Organic Earl Grey Decaf The same classic blend is available decaffeinated using the natural C02 process. This handpicked, fine Assam tea is scented with natural Italian oil of bergamot & blue cornflower blossoms.

Green Passion Tea Our most popular green tea, this blend is an energizing combination of Japenese Sencha, natural Siberian ginseng, marigold flowers, and extract passion fruit essence. The flavor is clean and slightly sweet. A favorite for the novice as well as the connoisseur.

Organic Moroccan Mint This famous Middle Eastern blend of tightly rolled Formosan gunpowder and peppermint create a refreshing cup.

White Teas:

White Ambrosia Rare white tea leaves are laced with sweet toasted coconut and juicy pineapple. It's like having a vacation in a cup!

Herbal Teas:

Cranberry Hibiscus Tea This luscious blend contains whole cranberries, elderberries, black currants and Rooibos "Red" Tea. This blend is extremely high in anti-oxidants. Fabulous iced.

Tuscan Garden Bursting with flavor this beautiful tea combines orange and lemon peel, apple pieces, hibiscus, sunflower & rose petals, lavender flowers, black currants and natural grape essence. A visual garden!

White Lion is a luxury, lifestyle beverage brand. We are mostly known for providing upscale tea to the hospitality industry: hotels and resorts, cruise lines, restaurants, spas, and coffee service venues. Our comprehensive product line includes pyramid tea sachets, loose teas, iced teas & gifts.

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