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Razor MD Black 360° Razor

Perfectly Balanced and Weighted.

The BK360 is the flagship razor, first, we introduced as RAZOR MD. A modern and iconic look, it’s perfect for beginners or experts alike. The ideal razor for reliving that nostalgic, barbershop shave experience with a modern twist.

Compatible and comes with a Gillette® Mach3™ blade. Replacement blades sold at all retailers worldwide.

Holiday Promotion Thru December 31st.  

Free Shipping and Free Razor MD Wood Comb with Every Purchase! 

Circa 1920. Brooklyn, NY. An immigrant comes to America with dreams of making a better-looking life for his family. After putting himself through pharmacy college he opens his first business, Saltzman Pharmacy. This was my great-grandfather, Peter Saltzman. Later his son Ralph (my grandfather) enters the pharmacy business and takes over Saltzman Pharmacy until my own father would become a pharmacist. 

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