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White Blitz

White Blitz Chic-Flic TOGO Whitening and Lip Plumper Pen

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Chic-Flic is a unique double-sided and portable whitening & lip hydrating solution. Maintain your bright, white smile while on-the-go with the easy-to-use whitening mint-flavored gel and keep your lips soft and smooth with the clear, lip-plumping gloss. The built-in illuminating LED and mirror helps to precisely guide application anywhere!

    • Carbomide Peroxide: Powerful whitening agent removes deep stains quickly.
    • Peppermint Oil: Freshens breath and invigorates the mouth for a clean feeling.
    • Potassium Nitrate: Protects teeth from sensitivity commonly associated with bleaching.
    • Polyacrylic Acid: Helps strengthen and harden tooth enamel.


    • Maximum strength 9% Hydrogen Peroxide for quick results with no sensitivity.
    • See results in just a few days of use.
    • Mint flavored for fresher breath.
    • Easy brush-on applicator with NO trays, strips, or rinsing.
    • Instantly dissolves the film after drinking red wine or coffee.


    • Enriched with a unique blend for age defying soft, plump lips.
    • Gently enhances/maintains appearance of full lips with regular use.
    • Goes on clear to enhance natural lip color.
    • Vanilla / Mint flavor.
    • Silky smooth without stickiness

    White Blitz premium teeth whitening products are created by a team of top dental experts and scientists. We combine professional grade ingredients with latest patented technologies, providing your customers with the most effective and comfortable teeth whitening solutions.

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