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Essence of Vali

Decongest Breathe Mist

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A decongesting and restorative blend to help ease discomfort of the common cold. Use during the day to help clear sinuses and ease symptoms of colds and flu. ( 2oz.)

Scent Details:

  • Balance Restore Mist - Restorative essences of lavender flowers, grapefruit peel, clary sage & geranium leaves are a wonderful mood balancer any time of the day. Scent Description: Floral, herbal, citrus.                        
  • Calm Relax Mist - Soothing essences of lavender flowers, orange peel & ylang/ylang petals calm you during times of stress. Scent Description: Floral, citrus.
  • Relief Ease Mist - Cooling and soothing essences of lavender flowers, peppermint leaves & birch bark provide relief from exhaustion and stress. Scent Description: Floral, Mint.
  • Sleep Soothing Mist - Drift into a relaxing sleep the natural way with soothing plant essences of lavender flowers, cedar wood, marjoram leaves and ylang/ylang petals blended into a base of distilled water. Simply mist the corners of your pillowcase to ease into a peaceful sleep. You can also use the sleep mist as a room freshener, body fragrance or personal aromatherapy during the day to ease stress levels. Scent Description: Floral, herbal, woody.
  • Uplift Mood Mist - Cheer up with a blend of lavender flowers, spruce needles, bergamot peel & litsea cubeba. Scent Description: Floral, herbal, citrus.
  • Refresh Energy Mist - Rejuvenate yourself with lemon, orange and grapefruit peel. Scent Description: Citrus.
  • Fortify Comfort Mist - A grounding, comforting and restorative blend, it is very helpful when you are feeling emotionally fragile. All the essences come from trees which are firmly planted in the ground. I love to spray it on my feet and around my legs during trying times. Gently shake bottle. Mist around room to freshen air or use as a body spray.For maximum benefit, spray on bottom of feet. Scent Description: Woody.
  • Detox Renew Mist - Renewing essences relieve fatigue and ease the effects of jet lag. Detox is great to use when you are off your normal schedule and are overindulging in food and drink. Gently shake bottle. Mist around room to freshen air or use as a body spray.Use any time to restore energy. Scent Description: Citrus, herbal.
  • Passion Love Mist - Enhancing romantic moments, you and your partner can use this aphrodisiac and sensual blend for misting sheets, pillowcases and body. Gently shake bottle. Spray on sheets and corners of pillowcase. You can also mist the room to create a romantic mood or freshen the air. It can also be used as a body mist. Scent Description: Citrus, floral, earthy, spicy. 
  • Decongest Mist -A decongesting and restorative blend when symptoms of colds and flu get the better of you. Gently shake bottle. Mist around room to freshen the air or use as a body spray, avoiding contact with face and eyes. Use during the day to help clear sinuses and ease symptoms of colds and flu. Scent Description: Citrus, herbal, mint

Essential oils (from plants) of Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus and Peppermint in a base of distilled water

Purity: 100% natural, 100% vegan

Scent Description: Citrus, herbal, mint

Packaging: 2 oz in cobalt blue non-breakable spray bottles

Gently shake bottle, mist around room to freshen the air or use as a body spray. Avoid contact with face and eyes. 

I am Valerie Bennis, founder, and president of Essence of Vali.  The name of the company is very fitting as my nickname is Vali.  Creating blends that smell beautiful and are used in a sensual and healing way are a creative expression of who I am.  From an early age, I have loved self-care and taking care of others.

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