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Alchimie Forever, Swiss Skin Care, Ada Polla

About Ada

I was born and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, and moved to the US for college in 1995. I am very much a blend of my Swiss (European) upbringing and my American experience, ranging from college (Harvard University) to business school (Georgetown McDonough School of Business) to launching a business on this side of the Atlantic (Alchimie Forever skin care). I embrace European style and manners, yet love the dynamism of the US where the American dream and entrepreneurship are alive and well.

I grew up in a very close-knit family with three sisters to whom I am extremely close, and started working with my father, world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Luigi L. Polla, when I was 10 years old. As such, dermatology, laser technology (he was the first physician in Europe to offer laser treatments), skin care, beauty, and the importance of looking good to feel good were part of my upbringing. Aesthetics is one of my core values.

I am happiest when people, things, places, surroundings, are beautiful. Not surprising then that I studied the history of art in college, collect art, and am in the beauty industry, working with both of my family businesses (Alchimie Forever and Neill Fulfillment).

I am passionate about the beauty industry, write for various publications, including the Huffington Post, and am driven by the belief that looking good means feeling good means doing good. I love a great facial, champagne (preferably pink Veuve Cliquot), silence and solitude, running (outdoors only), the island of Tinos (Greece), American football (Patriots, my heart belongs to you), a long, leisurely meal filled with the right people and excellent conversation, and the two cities I live in, namely Georgetown and New Orleans.

My style tips include always having groomed eyebrows, a bright red lip, heels that are 4 inches or higher, a frequent trip to my tailor, and being hungry most of the time.

My favorite beauty products include everything Alchimie Forever (of course!), Jicky by Guerlain, NARS lipsticks in various shades of red, Aveda hair and body care (Shampure and Stress-Fix for me!), and VoMor hair extensions.

CEO of Alchimie Forever, Swiss, entrepreneur, skin care expert, author, speaker, lover of art and champagne.

In 2004, daughter and co-creator of Alchimie Forever, Ada Polla set out to launch her family’s Swiss-based skincare line in the US. Seven successful years later, the brand boasts global visibility and distribution. Her focus and determination has yielded double-digit annual growth and garnered her several press-worthy opportunities to communicate her family’s knowledge and passion for the science of anti-aging skincare. Securing partnerships with exclusive spas, specialty boutiques and a global collective of cosmetic dermatologists, Ada continues to share her family’s philosophy that healthy skin can be achieved using effective products and promises that even though Alchimie Forever is growing, they are still dedicated to providing consumers with a personal touch in every experience that they call the Forever Commitment.

Although day-to-day operations at Alchimie Forever keep Ada busy, she still finds time to be involved in several ventures such as the Washington Spa Alliance and Fashion Group International (DC chapter) where she serves on the board as a founding member and treasurer. In addition, Ada operates on the editorial board of GCI Magazine and as a committee member for the International Spa Association. She also has experience consulting for DiamondCluster International and product management expertise in the medical device industry from the Candela Corporation.

Ada’s distinguished educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in political science and art history at Harvard University followed by an MBA from Georgetown University. She is also the proud founder of the Network of Entrepreneurial Women (www.new-women.org), an association for women entrepreneurs in the Mid-Atlantic region. Today, Ada contributes to several magazines and speaks at top universities and industry conferences. She was featured on the cover of Business Week Small Biz and was one of the top five finalists nominated for Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2011, the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship presented her with the Homegrown Entrepreneur Award. Ada is a visionary in skincare and business and successfully blends the two in all of Alchimie Forever’s prolific endeavors.

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