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Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care

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A Simple Idea

Brave Soldier began with a simple idea: The need for a product that would speed the healing and jagged scarring of road rash. Road rash. It's as ugly as it sounds. A bad crash, a hard slide, a nasty fall. Stripped of a layer of skin, the flesh is left red, raw and painful. For most athletes, a skin abrasion like road rash comes with the territory. It's the price paid for adventure or for victory.

Joined by his mountain-biking buddy Jeffrey Neal, Dr. Ezra Kest, an avid adventure-athlete when he's not running his successful Southern California dermatology clinic, embarked on this mission: To utilize his knowledge of how our skin heals itself to create a unique formula to help heal wounds faster, with less pain, and reduced keloid scarring.

Beginning with a base formula he had developed for laser surgery, Brave Soldier was created. Dr. Kest sought out pure ingredients such as tea tree oil, one of nature's strongest antiseptics. When possible, he purchased natural extracts and plants directly from growers. Yet his focus was always on cutting-edge advances in dermatological science and clinical wound healing procedures.

With a hot Southern California summer beginning, Brave Soldier found a virtually endless supply of willing candidates to try our new product. And thousands of road rash victims did. They experienced quicker healing, infections eliminated, reduced scarring, and very effective pain relief for road rash injuries.

This "grass roots" approach is evident in every aspect of the development of Brave Soldier's Antiseptic Healing Ointment. Soon, word spread. A revolutionary new product had been born. USA Today did a story on us. Allure magazine made us their Editor's Favorite. Los Angeles Magazine included us in their Best of L.A. 2000 issue. LAPD bike squads became customers. So did the Carolina Panthers NFL team.

We began to bring the concept of athletic skin care to sports competitions across California, Arizona, and Nevada. Along the way, we met mountain bikers, climbers, adventure racers, marathon runners, and many not-so-extreme sports enthusiasts. We listened to their stories. We learned and began to grow. Slowly, new products began to evolve, one at a time. Just like our Antiseptic Healing Ointment, these new products were born out of necessity.

Brave Soldier Today

Today, at Brave Soldier, we continue to grow. We still believe that educating our customers about the care of their skin is vital to their well-being. We continue to formulate our products to fulfill a specific function. We continue to use the best ingredients and to provide these products at a reasonable price.

Brave Soldier Athletic Skin Care remains true to our original vision. As we develop new products, we continue to be motivated by necessity. We listen to our customers and try to meet their needs. Our focus remains on the bedrock of Brave Soldier; the healing and protection of your skin.


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