Grow Profits with our Comprehensive Retail Marketing Program for Online and in-Store Product Development

mySpaShop and Natural Resources Retail Spa Consulting, a global leader in spa consulting firms,offers a strategic approach to developing an online campaign and platform to communicate your brand, sell product and generate profits.  We will assist Spas, Clubs, Resorts, Hospitality and other Wellness Ventures with managing virtual reputation, building identity, and creating buzz.

Your customized strategy will include value and measurement tools to assist with developing a productive “mind-set” as well as focused objectives to reach your target customer.  As your trusted agents, we will keep you on schedule and provide regular checkpoints and consistent, supportive implementation to grow your business. By joining the our Spa Sales Affiliate Marketing program, you become eligible for these high-impact services and much more.

Your customers gain access to our global and distinctive collection of spa, wellness, and beauty products with no inventory costs and a guaranteed profit margin on each sale. mSS strategists will help you generate dialogue with your customers to gain even deeper understanding of their needs. 

We can jointly realize the benefits of “co-operative” business development by creating buzz for each other within our industry. Our extensive experience and valued relationships will provide a well-crafted marketing program, designed for customer acquisition and retention.

Our Online Retail Marketing Services can include:

  • Definition of your Personality
  • Creation of Online Value and Style Photos and Videos
  • SEO Campaign with Social Marketing and Networking to maximize “Findability”
  • Blogging, Article Generation and Content, creating "Buzz"...
  • Press Releases
  • Spa Affiliates, Earn Sales Commission (e-Commerce to augment your existing online website or help create your website and e-store)
  • Newsletters
  • Online Advertising
  • RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndicate for news and content)
  • Directory Submission
  • Podcasts, eBooks, White Papers and Polls

As customers explore wellness and beauty options, the allure of having a “spa at home” can be irresistible. A well-appointed signature line of products has a significant positive impact on revenues. Our team at Natural Resources will assist retail development through store design and layout, visual merchandising, vendor sourcing and buying services. We can launch a unique retail boutique concept and an overall signature collection, incorporating branding and presentation tailored to the individual spa.

Our in-Store Retail Marketing Services and Product Development Strategies can include: 

  • Guidance in the creation of a boutique that offers not only skincare products, but also distinctive hand-picked gifts, fashion accessories and other "impulse" items
  • Assistance with the selecting product vendors which relate to the spa menu, spa concept and retail strategies
  • Budgets, opening inventory projections and pricing.
  • Training for spa retail employees, including information about the products as well as offering selling techniques
  • Direction on visual merchandising needs, such as store layout, display materials and props, wrapping materials, and gift certificates that stay true to the spa “brand’
  • Knowledge and resources to develop, merchandise and launch or re-design a unique and profitable retail collection
  • Signature label product development and packaging, Natural Resources will source companies to include: product, bottle and container packaging, screen or label printers and package design resources, all based on the spa’s unique brand and image objective.
  • Strategies for encouraging the sale of retail items not only at the gift shop, but throughout the entire spa facility.

Contact us at or 877.697.7274 and take your Online & in-Store profits to the next level!

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