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Mënaji Advanced Men's Skincare, Men's Grooming

Michele Probst, a creator of Menaji Skincare, is an internationally renowned celebrity makeup artist with a specialty in men’s grooming.

During her 20 years in the beauty industry, Michele has gained a reputation for helping her clients look their best without looking made-up. As a result, she has amassed a clientele of notable men, including Barack Obama, Tom Brokaw, Kid Rock, Enrique Iglesias, and Jay Leno. She also works with non-celebrities; professional men who need to project a level of confidence that stems directly from looking and feeling their best.

As the demand for her services grew, Michele realized that she couldn’t be everywhere at once, but that she could funnel her expertise into a line of products that her clients, and men everywhere, could use at home. Michele partnered with a team of chemists and dermatologists to create Menaji Skincare, the first natural and undetectable skincare and cosmetic line for men. The products are straightforward, effective, easy to use and require no downtime after using. The Menaji Skincare client is at the top of his game, whether he is preparing for the red carpet or the boardroom.

Michele has maintained a key creative role in her growing company and now travels the world, sharing the Menaji Skincare message and helping her clients look and feel they're very best. She has also become the go-to men’s grooming guru, appearing in print and on television to discuss the booming men’s grooming market.

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