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SolReya, Spa Wrap Towel, Hair Care

SolReya, Spa Wrap TowelOur full coverage Spa Wrap eliminates “spa hair” creating a luxurious way to save the hair from greasy oils, lotions and tangles often a result of a relaxing massage, facial or other spa and skin treatments. So from there, we crafted a hygienic, lightweight high-end Spa Wrap to be used by the finest spas in the world yet provide everyday indulgence whenever needed. Place it next to your towel. Ideal for use when out of the shower, applying makeup or simply keeping the hair back. It easily replaces heavy and awkward towels and will stay perfectly in place. Our uncommonly luxurious Spa Wrap allows for full head and hair coverage. Exquisitely designed, adjustments are easy for most hair lengths, head shapes, and sizes.


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