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YogaToes, Gel Toe Stretchers

Frederic Ferri created YogaToes foot exercise devices out of his quest to improve people’s lives. In the 1970’s Ferri divided his time between France and Michigan, studying design and yoga. He received a scholarship to study yoga at Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco, California. Here he studied with a French yoga instructor, who was also a Science professor, and chairman of the Biomedical department at the Institute Universitaire de Technologie de Saint-Etienne, in Tours France. The professor’s credible scientific background and passion for yoga, motivated Ferri to see yoga from a scientist’s perspective. This prompted his move from the States, to study in France. 

As Ferri observed elderly people in the Caribbean performing physical labor, he noticed they exhibited grace and ease of movement. Less characteristic of the elderly in the U.S. This stimulated his curiosity about the possibilities of people maintaining and improving their posture and movement skills as they age. 

Having a curious and inventive nature, Ferri used his maverick approach to design sophisticated tools, to simplify teaching and practicing yoga. He had discovered people found yoga postures difficult. There were no concise methods of a universal practice to teach the building blocks of yoga postures. The invention of his tools solidified Ferri’s theory that “with better tools, comes better understanding. Resulting in achieving safer and better methods of yoga posturing.” 

Inspired by his invention success, Ferri began to develop simpler tools that made it easier for everyone to understand and gain benefits from yoga. The inspiration for YogaToes came from Ferri’s recognition of the fact that the feet are incredibly important not only in the practice of yoga but also in our daily lives. Stability and balance are determined by how well the feet adjust in both simple and complex standing yoga postures. These postures deal directly with the quality, function, and responsiveness of the feet. YogaToes are his most popular product.

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