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Ajne OM Organic Fragrance Spray & Oil Unisex

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A consciousness-altering blend of smoky sandalwood, Himalayan incense cedar, deep forest lichen and smooth transcendent musk. One sniff and you'll agree, there's no place like Om. Equally suited to men and women.

Our proprietary fragrance composition of 100% natural essential oils and absolutes distilled from genuine flowers, fruit, citrus, seeds, grasses, leaves, bark, wood, and spices via cold press, hydro, steam, CO2 or soxlet extraction and blended into a base of organic jojoba oil or grain spirits. May contain isopropyl palmitate from certified rainforest-safe (RSPO) palm oil. Vegan. Never tested on animals. Always in perfume strength for longest-lasting wear.

If you are aware of any ingredient allergies, we invite you to contact us so we can assure that ingredient is not in the composition.

Available in medium-sized spray or flacon of 0.50 fl oz-15ml | Large spray of 1.0 fl oz-30ml | X-Large 2.0 fl oz-60ml

Om...the single syllable that many believe was the sound of the creation of the Universe! How awesome is that?! Its sound vibration is reputed to calm the mind and initiate deep peace. The senses of hearing and smell are believed by many sciences to be the direct pathways to the brain. So breathe in Om and awaken your senses to a feeling of inner strength and tranquil bliss.

The ingredients of Om are reputed to support the crown and base chakra - so if you are purchasing a fragrance oil roll-on, we recommend amethyst or red garnet. These stones magnify the energy of the plant oils contained in the formula. Ameythst influences connection, bliss, oneness and even enlightenment. Garnet grounds, calms and provides a sense of security.

Jane recalls that she began her love affair with the magical scents and healing properties of aromatic plants as a child playing near her neighbor's lilacs in Chicago. 

"The intoxicating natural scent completely captivated my imagination," she shares. And that passion for scent ultimately drew her to the world of beauty where she worked first as a salesperson, and eventually a Vice President for a large beauty product company.

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