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Balance Walking

Balance Walking Adjustable Poles (Pair) - Black

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Black Balance Walking Poles can help you burn up to 50% more calories, tone your upper body muscles, improve posture and enhance stability.

Black Balance Walking Poles offer the perfect combination of balance and weight for all levels of walkers and are the pole of choice for beginners. An adjustable pole allows you to experiment with different lengths to find your optimal pole height. As your technique and skill level improves, you can adjust the length of this pole to accommodate your fitness level.

NOTE:Flat Rate shipping $16.95 for 1st pair of poles & $7 for additional pairs. 

If accessories are ordered with poles, they will be included at no extra cost for shipping.  


    Soft tips  that can be used for walking on a slick surface (mall walking), can also be purchased separately.

    Hard Tips (extra pair)-  We suggest that an extra pair be ordered when you order your poles. Saves on paying for shipping twice!

    For use on pavement and other hard surfaces. Always keep the toe of each boot angled back behind you when Nordic Walking. Remove when using poles on natural surfaces.

    Tungsten Tips  for all Balance Walking Poles

    Tungsten tips provide minimal wear on trails and other natural surfaces.

    Nylon Carrying Bag  for Adjustable Walking Poles

    Just loosen your Nordic Walking poles and shorten to fit into this convenient carrying bag. Drawstring closer and zipper pocket for keys and extra tips. 

  • Lightweight adjustable aluminum poles have an 80 - 135 cm range
  • Accommodates users 3ft 10in – 6ft 6in tall.
  • Advanced twist lock system makes adjustments easy and ensures the height of the poles stays in place.
  • Straps completely wrap & support the hand & wrist while allowing easy release from the grip without having to take your hand out of the strap.
  • Two Pairs of Tips included: Hard Rubber & Tungsten Tips
    • Hard Rubber tip provides traction on pavement and smooth surfaces.
    • Tungsten tip for use on softer and undulated outdoor surfaces.
  • Tipsare easy to interchange and can be switched at any time. Tips may wear out and are replaceable and can be purchased separately. Softer tips that can be used for walking on a slick surface (mall walking), can also be purchased separately.  See Accessories tab for more information: 
  • Through education, creative alliances and a worldwide network of certified coaches, ambassadors and health, wellness and medical professionals; we will build a wave of advocates to implement and support the "Balance Walking" simple lifestyle change in their neighborhoods, at work and with their families. Our mission is to educate and inspire people to take control with our guide to wellness solutions.

    Our vision is to see people of all ages establish lifestyle changes based on the phenomenon known as "Balance Walking" where with a commitment of just 15 minutes every day to the 4 Pillars of Balance Waking will change their lives, leading to a more active, younger you!

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