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Draper Therapy

Draper Canine Therapy® Blankets

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Draper Canine Therapy® Blankets offer a comfortable and snuggable blanket for your use at home or on the road. The Nap Blankets can be used on the couch, your favorite chair or even during sporting events. The Draper Therapies Nap Blanket contains 50 % Celliant® (Polyester)/ 50% Wool.

Draper Canine Therapy® Blankets are as comfortable as they are plush. They come in three sizes and are the perfect blanket for you or your canine companion. The Crate Blankets work well in crates as they are cut into a smaller size, but can also be used as toppers for existing dog beds or on the floor. The chair blankets are the perfect size for the car or top of an existing dog bed. The couch size is good for the couch or human bed.

The Draper Canine Therapy® Blankets contain 50% Celliant® (Polyester) and 50% Wool.Celliant is made of a patented blend of thermo-reactive minerals infused into the core of fiber which is used to create all types of textiles and fabrics so it does not wash or wear out. 

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