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Essence of Vali

Essence of Vali EOV Botanical Perfume Oil

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Essence of Vali EOV Botanical Perfume Oil

Now you can apply the award winning EOV fragrance with the convenience of a roller bottle for pulse points. The aroma is rich and sensual with a burst of citrus, due to the uplifting essential oil, litsea cubeba. The botanical perfume oil will treat your senses to the pleasure of a beautiful fragrance and the benefits of aromatherapy. 100% natural and vegan.

Packaging: .35 oz roller bottle with black cap.

Manufactured: by hand in NY, NY

Warm floral, slightly citrus, earthy and sensual and uplifting at the same time.

100% pesticide free golden jojoba, essential oils of lavender, cedarwood, rosewood, patchouli, palmarosa, gerainium, clove & litsea cubeba.

I am Valerie Bennis, founder, and president of Essence of Vali.  The name of the company is very fitting as my nickname is Vali.  Creating blends that smell beautiful and are used in a sensual and healing way are a creative expression of who I am.  From an early age, I have loved self-care and taking care of others.

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