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Go Forth Goods

Go Forth Goods Apple Watch Strap

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Looking for a high-quality strap to replace your stock Apple Watch strap or sports band? Well, look no further!

• Made with 3-4 oz full-grain Horween leather.
• The leather is soft and supple for an ultra comfortable fit.
• Leather has a great pull up that only gets better with age.
• Hand cut and saddle stitched with waxed thread.
• Hardware is solid brass or stainless steel.
• Comes with the adapters to match your watch. Choose the hardware color that matches your watch.

Mocha, Saddle, Black, Dark Olive and Caramel

HARDWARE COLOR OPTIONS:Matte Black, Stainless Steel.

Please note and this should be obvious, but the watch shown does not come with the strap. :)

Ships in 2-3 working days.

• 5 Pocket Wallet
• Horween leather is a premium full grain leather from one of the oldest tannery's in the USA.
• Holds 12-14 cards comfortably and a stack of cash and receipts. Holds more once broken in.
• FREE CUSTOMIZATION (ADD your initials) just put your initials into the text box when you order. Initials are placed on the back lower corner unless you specify a different location.

One of the most ancient materials our ancestors worked with, leather has been practically hardcoded into our DNA. From clothing to shelters in the ancient world to boots, bags, and wallets in our modern one, there’s just something about leather that separates it from the rest of the pack.

Leather goods stand the test of time. Tough, but supple, rugged and luxurious at the same time, you just can’t beat the look and feel of high quality leather products.

Leather Care

We stand behind every product we make. So much so that we offer a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser! Thats right, If anything ever happens to your product, due to faulty material or craftsmanship, things like the stitching breaks, the leather tears or a rivet pops off, send it back and we will fix it or if we can't fix it, we will send you a new one. Our warranty does not cover any damage caused by you, such as neglect, improper care, accident, or normal wear and tear. Examples of things not covered are stains, scratches, spills, your kids colors on it, your dog eats it, you run it over with your car or you throw it over a cliff. 

If you come by our products second hand or your first hand product is damaged due to abuse or lack of proper care, contact us and we can in most cases repair it for half of what it cost to replace it. 

Ships in 2-3 Business Days

We started in 2014 when our founder, Nathan Martin, had a cheap bag break on him right before a family trip. When he set out to find the perfect replacement, he couldn’t find anything American-made that fit his criteria for durability. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he decided to make his own.

At Go Forth Goods we're doing our part to bring back the tradition of durable and classic American-made goods. We make leather bags and wallets like the ones our grandparents used--lovingly crafted pieces that you love to use and can pass on to the next generation. For this reason, our designs are crafted for simplicity and functionality, with elements inspired by leather goods from the 19th century.  

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