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HOMMAGE Shanghai Single Razor

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The rich Chinese red razor and brush are an eye-catching addition to the stylish gentleman’s grooming tools. The red lacquered precision-cast elements of the utmost quality materials allow for a balanced and quality shave. 


The Chinese Red symbolizes emotion, desire, and good fortune. The Fashion Reporter writes, “A great gift for the man who appreciates beautiful design. Uniquely finished in a rich Chinese Red, the razor and brush suspend, as if floating from the stand.”


The Shanghai razor, finished in a rich Chinese red, add a unique element of design to any bathroom decor.Available as a single razor or accompanied by grade-A silver tip badger brush and magnetised chrome-plated stand.


Precision cast, red lacquer surface, magnetized stand, brush and
razor, rubberized stand base, balanced weight, compatible with Gillette Mach3 blades.

HOMMAGE does not accept returns or exchanges unless product is damaged, defective or if wrong item is shipped.

HOMMAGE is a brand for men who know that diligent research, exploration and fine-tuning bring convincible results. A brand where men can be assured the design of the brand’s products are well thought out by people who know what they are doing, who listen and learn from their clients. The end result? Products that, over time with practice, improve in quality.

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