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Little River Hot Glass

Little River Hot Glass Transparent Ribbon Bowl

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A gently undulating bowl with vertical ribbons of transparent color cutting across the center. Diameter: 11" 


Ribbon Bowl: Bright, bold colors overlap to produce a stunning visual that has been likened to the Aurora Borealis. These deep bowls are the most variable in pattern and shape. The transparent colors are best suited to brighter environments while the opaque glow in darker areas.

Hand Blown Glass Bowls

Little River Hot Glass Hand Blown Glass Bowls come in a wide range of techniques and effects combined with a rainbow of color options result in bowls for every function and decor. To choose a bowl for display only, please consider color and environmental lighting. Transparent colors come alive with sunlight while opaque colors maintain vibrancy in the darkest of areas. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is signed and dated.


  • Lagoon Lime Cranberry 
  • Cranberry Lime Emerald 
  • Salmon Grape Topaz 
  • Violet Cerulean Lime

Typically this item is made to order. Please contact us at orders@myspashop.com if you need this item expedited. We will make every effort to ship within 5 days of receipt of order.  

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Michael Trimpol was first introduced to glass working during a high school stained glass course in Stowe VT. He pursued a career in stained glass while attending Concordia University in Montreal designing and creating many residential commissions as well as several public installations. 

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