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Nefeli Skin Care Essential Eye Care Cream

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Adhering strictly to the healing philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this uniquely designed holistic eye care product is packed with ancient healing miracles whose power is derived directly from nature. It delivers the healing energy of Chinese herbs to provide continuous hydration and vitality to the eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles around and under the eyes. 

How does it work?

This ultra delicate and smooth Nefeli Essential Eye Care Cream provides continuous and extreme hydration to the eye area. Dr. Ping Zhang formulated this cream with a natural nutritive, energy and detoxification herbal delivery system to revitalize the skin around the eye area and help diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Superior Chinese healing herbs such as Gensing, Reishi Mushroom and White Peony help to replenish the nutrients to the delicate skin around the eyes, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and "lift" the look of sagging eyes. Safflower, Ivy and Persimmon Leaf work synergistically to diminish the appearance of eye puffiness and eye bags.

This product contains no paraben preservatives, harsh chemicals, mineral oil or petroleum, artificial coloring or fragrance and was not tested on animals.

Net Wt. 15 ml (0.5 fl. oz)

Ancient healing herbs for eye beauty specifically selected for this formula: 

Ginseng Root, Carthamus, Ivy, Ganoderma, Persimmon Leaf, White Peony Root

Proven benefits of the selected ingredients found in this skin care product:


Wrinkle Reduction - Researchers from Seoul National University in 2009 published a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food which examined the effect of red ginseng on the facial skin and the study demonstrated that ginseng significantly increased collagen production and reduced facial wrinkles.

  • Replenish the nutrients to the delicate skin around the eyes
  • Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and "lift" the look of sagging eyes
  • Diminish the appearance of eye puffiness and eye bags
  • Guaranteed quality 
  • Pass US FDA guidelines 
  • FDA registered

Gently pat around eye area. Use mornings and evenings.

Why Nefeli?

Nefeli's Skin Care

Nefeli's unique line of herbal skin care products, designed by an experienced and certified Chinese herbalist and leading authority in natural facial and body rejuvenation, implements the secrets of thousands of years of Chinese medicinal wisdom. Each product is a specific blend of time-honored Chinese herbals. Every formula is packed with ancient healing miracles whose power derives directly from nature. The result? Fabulous, free-breathing skin throughout your face and body radiating natural beauty. A super healthy facial tone that glows, as the Chinese say, like jade. Clear, beautiful eyes. Healthy full hair. And best of all, an overall youthful appearance that briings joy to your life.

A Tradition That Transcends Time

Chinese rejuvenation secrets are part of a rich, flourishing history that spans the millennia. The brightest medical minds throughout the Chinese dynasties dedicated countless years to developing beauty treatments based on the bounties of nature surrounding them. These sages considered supple skin and youthful faces to be reflectors of overall internal health, not mere vanity goals. Their natural beauty-enhancing techniques, continuously refined over the centuries, come down to us in the healing philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism and Confuscianism, in the time-honored practice of Chinese Traditional Medicine, and in important surviving medical texts as "The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic." Nefeli combines this ancient wisdom with modern technical research and cutting-edge clinical experience to bring you a unique line of beauty products that deliver the rejuvenating powers of Chinese herbals. Extensive research ensures that the herbs in any Nefeli formula you choose have been blended in just the right ratio to maximize their healing properties. Nefeli's rigorous testing assures you that our skin care products are as safe and pure as they are effective in restoring youthful vigor to your skin.

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Health and beauty achieved and sustained by delicate balance. Feel the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine – a thousand years beauty secret from China.

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a huge focus on anti-aging beauty solutions since ancient times? Its unique approach lies in promoting total well-being and beauty simultaneously through effective anti-aging techniques and herbals. It sustains your youth and beauty in body, spirit and skin. 

Inner health is the source of our beauty and our face reflects our inner health. Wrinkles result from internal imbalances so the best way to diminish them is to correct the inner body imbalances. This ancient theory that external beauty results from inner health is basic to Chinese medicine but played down in conventional Western medicine. So Traditional Chinese Medicine offers an entirely new approach to smoothing wrinkles for most people in the Western world. 

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Beauty and Health - the vast Ancient wisdom that can achieve both, with the effectiveness of modern day science and the purity of nature,  are yet to be tapped. In awe of the thousand years’ of treasured knowledge and inspired by a vision to unleash the healing power of nature,  I am committed to continuing writing the history of nature’s healing.

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