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Parekh Bugbee

Parekh Bugbee - Silkhorse Twill Silk Scarf 4

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SILKHORSE scarves combine exceptional quality and intricate detail with innovative representations of horses from ancient Hindu scripture and also 19th & 20th century illustrations of horses from North America and Europe.

SILKHORSE designs celebrate the elegant equine spirit through digitally expressed artistic horse renderings by visual artist Keith Auerbach.

Merging East and West, modernity and tradition, technology and artisanship into one beautiful and dramatic line of scarves, SILKHORSEappeals to modern sensibilities yet is still truly artisan made.

An exclusive Parekh Bugbeecollection, SILKHORSE scarves are skillfully crafted by hand and printed via traditional silkscreen on pure twill silk by dedicated artisans in our family-owned and managed factory in India.

• 100% Twill Silk • 110cm x 110cm

• Hand Printed by Silk Screen

• Hand-rolled edges

• Dry Clean Only

Care and Cleaning

Our hand made and printed garments and scarves will not color fade or run under normal wearing circumstances. Washing of any silk and delicate products is surprisingly easy as long as certain precautions are taken.  For a long and lustrous life for all pure silk products dry cleaning or gentle hand washing is recommended.

 Guidelines to best care for your silk:

  • Please do not add any bleach products or heavy detergents when washing.
  • We recommend not drying silks under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
  • While applying any perfume, cologne or hairspray while wearing. Do not let the silk come in contact with these chemicals while applying, as it can cause marks and irreparable damage. Instead, it is recommend to make your garment the last thing you put on while dressing.

Ironing your silks:

  • Simply hanging a silk garment while running a shower will remove most wrinkles.
  • Iron silk on very low setting to avoid burning and dulling color.

Drying your silks:

  • To keep the garments or fabrics in proper shape – simply hang up the silk to dry. Hanging silk always helps to preserve its original shape.
  • Do not dry the silk in direct sunlight.
  • We highly recommend not to put silk products in the dryer as it will damage and shrink.

Silk stain removal:

  • Best advice is to please dry clean your garment.
  • For minor food stains do not wash the silk directly on the local spot, as it will leave a ring on some colors of the fabric.

Caring for your wool:

  • For best results and a long life to your delicate wools, it is highly recommend that you dry clean all wool garments and wool blend fabrics.

Brief Note on Imperfections

All of our products, whether they are fine silks or pure wools and cottons, are all made with the utmost care by skilled artisan's hands. Our printing process is unique in that the fabric is stretched on hot wax tables and then printed upon with fine silk screens. In many cases with hand-made screen-printed textiles, there can be slight evidence - though it is rare - of a mark or noticeable "imperfection" where the hot wax has bled through the fabric. This is not so much a defect, but more of an assurance that the textile was made by hand.  It gives the piece a personality of its own.  A beauty mark, as it were. 

However, please always follow the care instructions for each individual item after buying your product.

Return for Credit /Exchange

Parekh Bugbee wants to give our customers the satisfaction they deserve with every quality product we offer. That said, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 7 days of delivery for an exchange minus the original shipping fees + processing fee. All items returned must be in the same condition received. Returns of used or worn merchandise will not be credited. Please insure that each item has the original pricing label attached to it. Returns or exchanges will not be honored if tags are removed. 

We have the right to deny a credit if the merchandise returned does not meet our return policy requirements.

Instructions for Making a Return:

To make a return or exchange you must first obtain a return authorization serial number. Please note: returns will not be accepted without an RAS number. To receive your RAS number, please contact us at orders@myspashop.com. Please include a brief explanation for the reason you are returning or exchanging your purchase, and what arrangement you would like for the exchange.  

Sender must prepay returns. No C.O.D. packages will be accepted.

Once approved, all return items must be prepaid and sent to Parekh Bugbee at the address below. Please consider a trackable and insured shipping method.

Mail your return to:Parekh Bugbee, Inc.  3204 NE 45th Avenue,  Portland Oregon 97213

Most returns will process approximately 2 weeks from the time you mail your return. A refund will be credited back to your original payment method and will post between 1-3 business days from the date of processing. Please note:  It may take up to two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your monthly credit/debit or Paypal statement. A fee of $15.00 will be charged on any return or cancellation of order.

We will notify you by email when your return is processed and shipped. If you've requested an exchange, a second email will be sent once we've processed your new order. We are unable to guarantee that exchanged merchandise will be available at the time your order is processed. In these instances, your original form of payment will be refunded.

Thank you!   Parekh Bugbee/ mySpaShop

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