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Klafs MicroSalt Sticks, Refills only for Micro Salt ProX

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50 Micro Salt Sticks per container Refills( refills only for Micro Salt ProX Unit )

Klafs SaltProX  Micro salt, 50 Salt Sticks use for Klafs SaltProX for REFILL only

The Microsalt SaltProX’s invisible grinding technology generates a particularly fine salt aerosol, which spreads gently throughout a sauna natural rock salt used in the Microsalt SaltProX is 99% sodium chloride, the highest purity level available in nature

Microsalt SaltProX brings salt therapy to any room in your house. The device works great in a sauna, but its benefits can also be experienced in a bedroom, office or studio.

Microsalt SaltProX is designed to produce a sufficient salt concentration in a room about 500 cubic feet (or approx. 8' x 8' x 8'). Relative humidity should not exceed 40%.

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