Cooling Muscle Gel w/ Arnica

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Specially formulated for targeted application to address aches and pains in muscles and/or joints, especially when there is inflammation. Our formula features menthol, a cooling agent to calm inflammation and soothe sore muscles, and arnica to aid healing and recovery from tissue trauma including swelling, bruising and achy muscles.

  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel – Soothes and cools inflammatory skin conditions, including sun burn, anti-oxidant, normalizes pH balance, boosts immune system
  • Irish Moss – Anti-oxidant, anti-viral. Softens and soothes skin, easing sunburn and other inflamed skin conditions. Strengthens immune system
  • Coconut Oil – Soothing. Improves ability of bones to absorb minerals. Strengthens immune system
  • Jojoba Oil – Seals in moisture and creates protective barrier to external elements. Anti-inflammatory. Softens and smooths dry, dehydrated skin. Natural preservative
  • Menthol Oil – Cooling. Relieves inflammation and soothes sore muscles. Helps relieve headache and is decongesting for respiratory system
  • Camphor Oil – Analgesic. Relieves joint and muscle pain. Excellent for rheumatism and sprains. General tonic for nervous system. Anti-inflammatory
  • Organic Arnica Extract – Reduces inflammation and trauma to the tissues, swelling, bruising and muscular pain. Helps heal and regenerate tissue. Stimulates circulation and immune function
  • Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Warming to muscles and joints. Helpful for rheumatism and arthritis, stiffness of the joints and achy muscles
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil – Cooling. Helps relieve headache, muscle pain and joint conditions. Useful in treating coughs and colds

Gently massage onto a targeted inflamed, bruised or swollen area on the body to soothe and relieve sore, achy muscles.

After cleansing, mix 1-3 drops with a spritz of TARA Aroma Mist. Gently massage onto wet face while inhaling the aromatherapy benefits. Use twice daily.

TARA products communicate credibility, quality, and authenticity. Our Living Wellness® philosophy supports two important ideas: to restore and sustain balanced well-being and to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

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