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TARA Organic Facial Oils - Kapha

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For Oily Skin. A potent, purifying blend to address the oily tendencies of Kapha skin. The natural stimulants in this oil provide a boost to sedentary minds and bodies. Pure essential oils help purify and restore balance to overactive, oily skin. Stimulating, decongesting and revitalizing. Enhances micro-circulation. TARA Organic Ayurvedic Facial Oil is 99% organic and blended into pure organic Jojoba oil for exquisite aromatherapy. Jojoba oil is known for its ability to relate so closely to the body’s natural chemistry that it is absorbed and accepted readily. The essential oils were carefully selected for their refined purity and to provide effective results for balancing all skin conditions. Each formulation has been enhanced to more specifically address the various needs inherent to each constitutional dosha.

Shake bottle well and mix 3 drops of oil with a spritz of TARA Aroma Mist. Use as an intensive eye and lip treatment or apply to entire face.

TARA products communicate credibility, quality, and authenticity. Our Living Wellness® philosophy supports two important ideas: to restore and sustain balanced well-being and to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

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