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White Lion Tea

White Lion Tea Awakening Spirit Teas In Bloom Gift Tin

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These extraordinary flowering teas are hand crafted using only the most delicate leaves of the new season. The quality is quite rare and only available for 2-3 weeks each year. Hand-tied with cotton thread by Chinese artisans, steep these jewel-like teas and watch their beauty unfold. 12 Pieces



Place one flowerette into a glass teapot. Pour near boiling water into the pot and watch the unfolding of the leaves. Allow to steep about three to four minutes. Chinese tradition allows the flower to be steeped up to three times.

As an alternative, steep a flowering tea in a coffee mug for about five minutes, then gently move to a carafe. Add cool spring water and serve in wine glasses over ice.

White Lion is a luxury, lifestyle beverage brand. We are mostly known for providing upscale tea to the hospitality industry: hotels and resorts, cruise lines, restaurants, spas, and coffee service venues. Our comprehensive product line includes pyramid tea sachets, loose teas, iced teas & gifts.

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