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White Lion Tea

White Tea Lion Henley Steel Pots

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Highly styled and quite durable, this pot is becoming a fast favorite. The infuser is designed to stop the steeping process after the first cup is poured. A matching creamer, sugar, and tray make for an irresistible presentation (4-piece set- comes with 3 cup pot).

Four Available Options: 4-Piece Set (comes w/3 cup teapot), 1 cup Teapot, 3 cup Teapot or 6 cup Teapot

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Please note: The main image is of the 4-Piece Set which includes the 3 cup pot. The image below shows Teapot sizes.

White Lion is a luxury, lifestyle beverage brand. We are mostly known for providing upscale tea to the hospitality industry: hotels and resorts, cruise lines, restaurants, spas, and coffee service venues. Our comprehensive product line includes pyramid tea sachets, loose teas, iced teas & gifts.

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