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Exercise and your Teen - Does it Even Exist? by Marie E. Baumuller

2 min read

Exercise and your Teen - Does it Even Exist? by Marie E. Baumuller - My Spa Shop

The statistics on youth today in relation to exercise and obesity is frightening.  Lack of movement has shown that millions of school-age youth are at risk for developing degenerative diseases in their early years because they don’t get enough physical activity now.  But if you have a teenager…..is there any activity in their life?  If PE shows up on their class schedule, don’t rest to easily on the fact that they have “gym” time!

Let’s face it.  At the high school level, Physical Education within the school systems is a dreaded class.  For a teen, the thought of changing clothes, participating in competitive activities and risking the chance of possible humiliation does not rank high on a list of electives.  Bottom line, they need the classes to graduate.  So from the student perspective there is the thought that “I will just show up for class, not change and at least get credit for being there.”   I am sure if you polled a few PE teachers they would have some great stories to share about the excuses a student gives them as to why they “can’t participate in class today”.

In my travels, I have consulted with High Schools to look at new ways of offering PE through grant writing, community participation and school board support.  Think about an environment that would encourage individual programs and goal setting versus a competitive group setting.    It is about creating an activity that would encourage confidence and promote a healthy, lifestyle pattern.  

Here is the truth.  In my profession as a Fitness Professional, trainer and Nutrition Manager, I deal with adults every day who are coming to me to lose weight  (40lbs or more), lower their blood pressure, and increase overall strength.  They are on board because the doctor now says they are a health risk.  Or I meet those who finally want to know the truth about proper nutrition, losing weight and building a few muscles!!   Over 90% of my clientele will comment on how they wished they learned all of this when they were younger.

In a nutshell, save your kids!!  Find a way to get them information on their bodies and how to take care of it.  Hire a trainer for a few sessions. Seek out nutrition professional they will listen to when it comes to food facts.  The hidden bonus…..you create a more confident, self assured teenager who will live a long and healthy life.  

That in itself is…priceless!  Find your Home Fitness Accessories.

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