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Tibet Himalayan

3 min read

Tibet Himalayan - My Spa Shop

Tibet: Dr. Ping Zhang’s recent trip to Tibet

Do you know that the most treasured herbals used in Nefeli’s skin formula come from the high mountains in Tibet?

I was recently in Tibet for a sight-seeing and spiritual experience. Tibet is an ultimate dream for many avid world travelers. For me as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Tibet is especially dear to my heart. Many of the herbals I use in my unique formulas grow in Tibet.

One of the key herbal widely used in anti-aging and overall well-bring is called rhodiola, There are over 70 variations of rhodiola and the Tibetan rhodiola is believed to be the most powerful and precious type. Dubbed as ‘Tibet or Plateau Ginseng’, the Tibet rhodiola has been found to be extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system and known to detoxify and fight the aging process among its many benefits.

Beside its rich tradition in exotic and precious herbal medicine, Tibet is of course a place rich in spiritual practices and mystical scenery.  One of the central pieces of their daily spiritual life is to pray while spinning the Prayer wheel (see image below). The Prayer wheels are used to accumulate wisdom and merit (good karma) and to purify negative presence.

I have shown many of my photos taken in Tibet to friends and relatives and many of them are already planning their trips to some of my most beloved areas (listed below).  I hope one day you will go as well to experience what I have seen and perhaps more.

Delve into the culture and sights of thriving Beijing, China's amazing capital. Take the morning to explore the breathtaking Tiananmen Square and the mysterious Forbidden City before going out to the Great Wall for a glimpse of ancient history.

Zhongwei/ Yellow River
Travel to Zhongwei by overnight train - a great chance to mingle with locals. The eclectic Gao Miao Temple in Zhongwei is a quirky place to visit. Later, set off into the sand dunes of the Tennger Desert for an overnight camel safari and enjoy a dinner under the stars.

The lively Muslim Quarter is always full of activity and a great place for a sizzling kebab. Duck into the Great Mosque to take time out from the busy city. A day trip to the Terracotta Warriors is highly recommended and you might like to cycle the majestic Ming Dynasty wall that surrounds the city for a higher perspective.

The old world charm of Chengdu is sure to delight. This city is the home of the spicy Sichuan cuisine that is supposed to keep you cool so be sure to seek out a traditional hot pot. There is time to visit a Giant Panda Reserve, or stay in the charming city to hang out in teahouses and maybe get a relaxing massage.

The thoroughly modern city of Kunming has some excellent flower and bird markets tucked away in the quaint back streets. The Tang Dynasty Pagodas are worth visiting, and in the gardens near the West Pagoda is a spot where people can meet to hang out and play mahjong.

The former Tibetan Buddhist Himalayan kingdom is without doubt one of the most spectacular regions in the world. For years, it was considered one of the last Himalayan Shangrilas because of its seclusion, magnificent mountain terrain, and ancient Buddhist monasteries. Sikkim's natural beauty of cascading waterfalls, vibrant terraced hills, pristine lakes, and snow-capped peaks offer a rare opportunity to experience one of the most inspiring environments in the world. Your exciting tour also includes a visit to Darjeeling, one of the most charming towns in the eastern Himalayan foothills. Established by the British in the mid-19th century, Darjeeling is situated on a 7,000-foot ridge. It is surrounded by tea plantations and offers stunning Himalayan vistas including the 28,201-foot Kanchenjunga — the world’s third highest mountain peak in the world.

Photo Gallery

Dr. Ping Zhang is shown (Below) in traditional Tibetan dress. The dress is a welcoming symbol because of its long sleeves. The sleeves are being used as Tibetan Hada which is a sign of courtesy, respect, purity and loyalty.

tibet journey

tibet prayer flags

tibet journey tibet journey

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