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mSS Featured in Media Publications

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mSS Featured in Media Publications - My Spa Shop

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Kimberley Matheson Shedrick, Business Week, Natural Resources Spa Consulting, Changing Course with mySpaShop, August 200


Kim Matheson Shedrick had spent 16 years growing New York-based Natural Resources into a 15-person, $1 million company that advises developers of high-end spas. But in late 2008 no one was building much of anything, never mind pricey spas selling hot seashell massages and lavender-oil body scrubs. Matheson Shedrick decided the time was ripe for an idea she'd been kicking around since 2001—mySpaShop.com, which would offer products and wellness advice for less affluent spa aficionados. "I looked at how I could use all the contacts I have in the industry to target the customer who can't spend $500 visiting a spa," says Matheson Shedrick.

Kimberley Matheson Shedrick, Health Tourism Magazine, Living the Spa Lifestyle, July 2009

environment with caring professionals. The extraordinary growth and resiliency of the global spa and wellbeing industry has been fueled both by cutting edge technology and ancient ideas in health, wellness, fitness, beauty, design and cuisine. Relaxation has never been more essential as the stresses of everyday life continue to pile up. Living Spa is a necessity for transformative well being, not a self-indulgent, pampering extravagance. I have been happily involved in the spa industry for more than 20 years. As a spa consultant that has developed projects around the world, I’ve been fascinated by the discovery of a global spa culture and unspoken language. During a recent visit to Doha, I had the privilege of visiting with some of the local women and their children. Initially, we were quite shy of one another as we felt there was little we had in common. However, as soon as I brought up spas, the conversation became quite animated and flew through topics such as make-up, fitness and beauty tips.

Kimberley Matheson Shedrick, American Spa, Fontainebleau Spa Consulting, Miami Spa Opening, June 2009

Following a $1 billion makeover that was completed in November, the Fontainebleau's luster was restored and the grand dame now sparkles and thrives once again as a playground for the rich and famous. For those who become victims of too much play, the remodel made way for a 40,000-square-foot heavenly oasis named Lapis, one of the hottest new spas on the beach. "We were inspired by the glamorous and colorful legacy of the Fontainebleau, which we wanted to honor," says Kimberley Matheson Shedrick, president of Natural Resources Spa Consulting and consultant on the project. "However, we set out to truly reinvent a sensory-rich environment desirable to the 21st-century interpretation of glamour."

Summer 2009 - Summer is finally here and myspashop.com (mSS) is welcoming it with open arms. mSS has gathered seasonal tips from its expert advisors to help consumers look and feel their best this summer. According to mSS founder, Kimberly Matheson Shedrick, “This summer it's all about the generations. Children, teens, young adults, parents and grand-parents should all be preparing for a healthy and fun summer.”

 Putting a New Twist on Old Valentine's Day Traditions

February 2009 - On this Valentine's Day ignite passions and romance with this special collection of products and treatments sourced by spa lifestyle specialists from around the world. mySpaShop.com offers a community of like minded persons for sharing health and wellness tips for enjoyment with your special someone. mSS encourages all of its visitors to put a new (and healthy) spin on old traditions this Valentine's Day.

Gifting The Spa Lifestyle to Friends & Family, Our Advisors' Recommendations

Mendon, Vermont (PRWEB) December 2, 2008 -- Our Spa Lifestyle Advisors' have personally selected gift recommendations from our global collection for the winter holidays combined with a spa community to share personal stories. mySpaShop(http://www.myspashop.com mSS) is the Web's first virtual spa with everything you need to lead the spa lifestyle -- accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, mSS brings together experts, spa treatments and shopping for the newest spa products with a spa community to share personal stories.

The Spa Lifestyle at Your Fingertips: November 18, 2008

According to a survey released in 2007 by the International Spa Association (ISPA) and Price Waterhouse Cooper, the spa industry is growing at 16% a year, with approximately 14,600 spas in the United States serving more than 111 million people. While many people don’t have time or the money to seek out day spas in their area or travel to a distant destination spa, they will now have the next best thing – a virtual spa experience on the worldwide web.

Interview with Kimberly Matheson Shedrick: November 18, 2008

In our hyperactive, hyper-connected modern world, the spa lifestyle of health, healing, wellness, beauty, balance, relaxation and purification must sometimes take a back seat. The solution? Making the spa lifestyle available to busy people by putting it on line at MySpaShop.com.

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