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Summer Hair Care from the City to the Beach

Summer Hair Care from the City to the Beach

Women have become conscious of methods to protect, maintain, treat and generally improve their hair's quality during this specific time of the year. When exposed to the sun your hair texture dries and becomes damaged. Exposure to a dry atmosphere, the sea and chlorine sensitizes the keratin. Hair loses its shine and splits. Your hair is subjected to various aggressions resulting from the combined action of these factors.

Today, you can remedy these on a daily care basis, while restoring tone, shine, and beauty to your hair. Whatever your hair nature, its cleanliness must be your number one priority. Specific care must be defined depending on the nature of both the hair shaft and its reaction to various damaging effects.

Leonor Greyl Hair Care Products

Summer Sun Care Products

- Your hair must be protected. The more sensitized it becomes, the more vulnerable it becomes to external aggressions.
- A waterproof protection is therefore necessary on the beach.
- After the visiting the beach or the swimming-pool, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo, or use a washing cream like CREME AUX FLEURS if your hair is very dry.

- This requires specific care. Frequent shampoos will get rid of perspiration, and pollution.
- Products containing UV Filter are a good protection especially in the summer.

For the summer we recommend the following products:
HUILE DE PALME: For water and sun protection
SHAMPOOING AU MIEL: Frequent and gentle volumizing shampoo
CREME AUX FLEURS: A washing cream for dry hair
SHAMPOOING CREME MOELLE DE BAMBOU: Gentle shampoo and conditioner
MAGNOLIA: body oil that keeps the suntan longer and smoothes the skin
ECLAT NATUREL: A leave-in conditioner with UV protection

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