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Energize Yourself! by Valerie Bennis

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Energize Yourself! by Valerie Bennis - My Spa Shop

The lives of women often require a Herculean effort. Juggling work and family obligations can create stress and can leave little time for self-care. Many women find themselves perpetually exhausted and dragging around with little pep in their strides. Our children seem to have boundless energy….wouldn’t it be nice to feel that way again…or even come close??

Wellness Coaches Blog Get Energized! Tips for Work Life Balance

There are ways we can energize minds and our bodies. It seems so basic, but the ways in which we eat and drink are of paramount importance in maintaining a balanced energy throughout the day.

Avoid these..

Coffee, Soda and Alcohol – these are all substances that affect our energy in some way – either stimulating or sedating (or both!). To get off of the roller coaster, instead drink water (try infusing with essential oils) and herbal teas, which contribute to your wellbeing and create balance in your body, mind and spirit.

Sugar – another roller coaster. A quick burst of energy and then a crash, leading to a vicious up and down cycle. There are so many healthy treats that you can be found in health food stores, and sometimes even in your local grocer’s, that can satisfy your sweet tooth without causing damage. Read the labels!

Nicotine – you guessed it. Another roller coaster!

Try these instead...


1. Exercise! At least three times per week at the gym or at home. Finding a workout buddy can be a big help – you’ll be less likely to let each other down!

2. Take walks with your children, your spouse and neighbors.

3. Stretch in place – wherever you are.

4. Practice yoga – restorative yoga is a very gentle form and wonderful for all levels.  Aroma Yoga practiced in the morning upon waking can become a beneficial energizing ritual.

5. Drink lots of water.

6. Do concentrated breathing. To make that experience even more invigorating, you can spray Essence of Vali’s Botanical Mist (Uplift Mood or Refresh Energy would be great choices) in the palms of your hands and breathe in the aroma.

7. Get up and move!

8. Wash your face with cold water – what a wake-up!

9. Take a shower and use Essence of Vali's Uplift Massage and Bath Oil as a moisturizing and energizing treat.

10. And here we are again – treat yourself to the gift of nutrition! Eat a healthy diet of whole foods, avoiding processed foods and drinks.

Get off the roller coaster – when you make choices that create balance in your body, mind and spirit, your energy level will follow suit. It is a practice and you are worth it!

All the best,

Valerie Bennis

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