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Feng Shui In & Out Balance

4 min read

Feng Shui In & Out Balance - My Spa Shop


wind and waterWind & Water

Feng Shui In & Out Balance

As I was riding my Citibike in Central Park today – in the scorching heat – it was the wind and water that kept me going. Stopping at a fountain I spritzed water all over me and continually drank from my water bottle. Even on the worse day of the year there is a breeze on your skin when riding a bike. So why am I talking about this? Well the obviously answer is, the life giving elements ‘wind & water’ is the literal and metaphoric meaning of Feng Shui. Secondly, no element in itself is bad or destructive. Only when it is out of balance is it so. So in my personal case, the air and water cooled the out of balance heat / ‘fire’ of my body.

As we see in the news, with too much wind or water and we have hurricanes, tornados and flooding. Needless to say not enough water and we have fires. In both of these cases Earth is a balancing element. Earth element is considered a midseason – between summer & fall as well as between winter & spring on the Feng Shui bagua. Earth is a grounding, stable element. It ‘contains’ or holds water – think of the banks of a river or the mug you have in your hand. Fire too can be ‘controlled’ or balanced by Earth.

In my last newsletter I wrote about the element of Fire and how to enhance or mitigate its influence in our lives with a personal chi adjustment. At this time of intense heat in many parts of the world, I would like to offer a few suggestions for balancing Water element in our lives.


Let’s start with a few Feng Shui facts about
the Water Element:

Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright

Season: Winter
Direction: North
Quality: Dark, cold, formless, deep
In Nature: Ocean, rivers, rain, snow, ice
Characteristics: Withdrawn, rigid, downward…Movement is
most associated with water
Things: Fountains, aquarium, mobiles

I am not a big fan of water fountains as they take alot of care and feeding but if you have one:

  • Make sure to have the Water move in the direction of the area you want to enhance.
  • In other words, always have a fountain direct its flow toward you as opposed to away.
  • Always make sure their water level is correct so it’s not noisy or stagnant.

Movement is defined as ‘Water’ in Feng Shui.

  • Water is generally considered an active element that generates chi. Mobiles, crystals, sculpture, all represent movement.
  • We simply want to make sure it is generating the right things.
  • It is effective for both circulating chi in the environment while we also make sure it doesn’t move too quickly potentially carrying good chi away. This sort of thing happens regularly when you come into a home and see an open view across the room. Beautiful as it is, the chi follows the path of your eye and moves quickly out the window…never having the opportunity to circulate thru the home.


beautiful water lagoon

The 5 Elements relate both to people and the environment. The Chi or energy of WATER has 2 aspects as it relates to a person – Still Water and Moving Water. Sometimes I am adjusting a person’s chi as much as the environmental chi – remembering again that everything is inter-related:

Still WATER in balance in a person (or business) provides intellectual capacity, wisdom and cognitive ability.y

  • If there is too little water in a person’s chi, there may be very narrow thinking. In this case, I may add some Water element to the environment in the career sector.
  • Still water may be represented as an image of a lake or quiet darker color…this might be added in art of wall color.

Moving WATER in balance provides good cash flow, social connections, new opportunities and career advancement.

  • Too much water or too little creates imbalances in these areas…i.e if there are no new opportunities or career advancements perhaps we add Water to the environment… or if things moving too fast and they slip away before you can act on them (then we would add Earth element to ‘contain’ Water and slow things down…we’ll see this next month when we discuss Earth).
  • Moving water may be represented as an actual water element or an active picture of water…like a waterfall. Or perhaps a mobile or clock with a pendulum!


As I practice Restorative Feng Shui (c), as I call it, I always look for personal chi adjustments to offer clients, beyond what I recommend for their environment. If you would like to hear more about these, please be in touch and we can discuss the possibilities for a virtual consultation and personal chi adjustments. Additionally, the space clearing rituals I perform are the surest way to lift stagnant chi and open a healthy flow of energy in an environment – and of course creates the best foundation for effective Feng Shui adjustments.

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