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Valeur Absolue Perfume

Each Scent is an Intentional Pairing of Aromas & Crystal Energy That Enhances Positive Emotions and Promotes a Sense of Well-Being.
Valeur Absolue fragrances were developed using aromachology (the influence of natural scent on human psychology) and lithotherapy (using stones to harmonize mind, body, and spirit). The semi-precious stones in each bottle provide chromotherapy, resonance, and beneficial trace elements. 

-Plant-based aromatics are used. No PCM, phthalates, CMR, UV filters, animal by-products, or coloring agents

***Valeur Absolue perfume gift set. Available in all 7 scents, gift sets include a 1.7 fl. oz. perfume and a 1.01 fl. oz. dry oil. The 2 products can be layered to amplify the intensity of the perfume or used individually. Perfectly packaged in a beautiful box.

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