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Alaska Glacial Mud Company

Where the river meets the sea. The luxurious spa quality of glacial mud is well known by Alaskans who grow up bathing in its buttery texture. The idea for Alaska Glacial Mud Co. in particular was on a life-changing rafting trip down the majestic Copper River. After an exciting lunch spying on brown bears fishing for wild salmon on the opposite side of the river, we decided to take a dip in the clear glacial pools. Soon after stepping into the pool, our feet sank into buttery mud, and it was a divine sensation. We proceeded to cover our faces and bodies in the silky mud pretending to be guests at the most wild spa in the world. After washing it off, our skin was soft and glowing!

As the founder of Alaska Glacial Mud Co., little did I know that a riverside spa treatment amongst bear tracks and the wild call of eagles would be my future. And that’s when Alaska Glacial Mud Co. began making natural skin care products!

The rafting trip was sponsored by the Eyak Preservation Council, a non-profit organization founded by Eyak descendant Dune Lankard. The organization is dedicated to a legacy of cultural and environmental preservation in honor of indigenous Eyak people who have called the Copper River Delta home for thousands of years. The rafting trip instilled a respect and awareness for the Copper River’s bounty and the importance of protecting our planet’s last remaining wild places.

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