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Beauty Foods Nightly Beauty Drink, Delicious Sleep, Gorgeous Skin

beauty: it’s what makes us happy

We created Nightly Beauty™ for one simple reason: We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best. 

So we worked with the nation’s leading health experts and food scientists to create our deliciously dreamy drink mix. It nourishes your skin from the inside out and helps you get all the beauty rest you need. † 

We believe... beauty isn’t just about how you look—it’s about how you live your life
Nutrition and exercise. Rest and play. Laughter and love. 

Empowering everybody to achieve Beauty, Tranquility, Inner Health & Outer Beauty.


Jacqueline Gibson

Founder, CEO

Developing Beauty Foods™ and Nightly Beauty™ has been a life-altering endeavor and I've learned so much along the long hard road of being a self-invested, single female entrepreneur. I became fascinated with beauty from within, health & wellness and developed a line of products that ultimately makes you feel amazing about yourself, and is a simple solution to everyday problems like not sleeping well. Hard to imagine that nearly a third of working Americans – or nearly 41 million people – are sleep deprived, are you one of them? Beauty Foods™ was also developed to be meaningful in their multi-tasking functions, delivering in both the Beauty and Sleep arenas. Nightly Beauty™ combines 3 growing markets all in one delicious drink that's perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of today: Beauty from within drink, natural sleep aid, hot luxurious pampering beverage. 

Using a world-class formulator, the product has been consumer tested and approved—is award winning and has a phenomenal brand image and iconic name. 

I started Beauty Foods™ to help change the definition of what's beautiful! Everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin, make the most of your natural assets and focus on your positive traits, treat yourself beautifully and life will be an amazing journey. It's about subtle enhancement, not drastic transformation. Devise a regime to suit you and make health and beauty an integral part of your lifestyle. Learn how to de-stress and re-energize, naturally! 

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