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Draper Therapies, Healing Products

With a keen knowledge of fabrics, Kristin Draper, understands what it means to keep looking toward the future, as her role of President of the Draper Knitting Company presides over a 150+ year old family owned and operated company. Back in 2003, Kristin discovered the wonders of Celliant™/Holofiber®, a specially formulated fiber that is now put into the Draper Equine, Draper Canine and Draper Body Therapy™ products to help with muscle recovery and relief from soreness and stiffness. When a dear friend hobbled in to a meeting after falling off her horse, Draper suggested she use a piece of the Celliant fabric on the bruised area. The next day she called to say, “You won’t believe this, but the swelling has gone down and I can move." 

Draper wondered that if Celliant worked so well on humans, might it also work on animals? After successfully testing the products out for equines, it was found that products containing Celliant could really shed a whole new light on therapeutic products in the market today, and Draper Therapies was born.

Kat Wojtylak was added to the team as the Product Manager of Draper Therapies. Her job was not only to manage client relations but to test new products that would be beneficial to its customers while providing her expertise in the equine area.

Celliant/Holofiber is a polyester based fiber that contains a blend of microscopic optically responsive particles. These inorganic natural minerals work with the energy released from the body and are designed to recycle this energy back to the body to improve health and overall well being of the wearer. The natural minerals that make up the composition of Celliant are extruded into polyester when the fiber itself is being made. This process allows the properties of Celliant to last with the life of the product, and as such can never wash or wear out. 


More about Draper Therapies

Draper Therapies™ works with the power of Celliant™ to provide non-invasive, technical performance products that will enhance your health, your performance and your life. Offering three diverse lines (human, equine and canine), Draper Therapies also provides products that have sophisticated style, are easy to care for and that offer lifelong benefits. Celliant is a specially formulated fiber that is knit or woven into fabrics to enhance oxygen levels in the body. The fiber itself is infused with micro-particles that redirect the body’s energy. This process increases oxygenation which helps to speed healing, boost energy, heighten athletic performance and balance body temperature. The benefits of increased oxygenation have been known to reduce swelling and fatigue, increase strength and build endurance, aid in healing and faster recovery from physical exertion. Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to make it more efficient and can be used continually. In today’s on-the-go world, it’s more important than ever to take care of your health, why not let Draper Therapies help in your journey.

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