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Why the Floating Bed ® was invented?

I enjoy sleeping, relaxing, and I like the special relaxation of gentle rocking, which science has shown is very beneficial for us. In fact, I really like a lot of activities that take place in bed. But I can’t say I truly love beds. I thought, "What would the ideal bed look like, feel like, and what benefits would it provide?" What features would make everyone really LOVE their bed? What I came up with is a very unique round hanging bed.

So what's wrong with beds?

Beds create no real physiological or psychological state of rest and relaxation. They’re just a boring place to lie down. Beds don’t provide the most important feature, health-supporting motion. Earlier motional beds (waterbeds, hammocks, 4 point hanging beds, etc.), have many problems and are simply not that good to sleep on, because their motion is all wrong. Even though the idea of a hammock looks great, they tend to be unstable, are easy to fall out of(the center of gravity is too high), can't be hung in most rooms, have very limited back-and-forth swing (in one direction),  are bad for your back, due to the sag or no full perimeter support. They may be sufficient for one person at a time but not typically more. They're ok for a short nap, but unsuitable as a primary, full-time sleeping place. 

But what if you could have something better than a hammock that is great for everything and is even better than a bed?

I studied the problem, and scientific research, for a long time. I realized that Omni-Pendulum or “Floating” Motion was the key to the ideal bed. So I designed the bed with the best motion. But we didn’t stop with one or two refinements. I wanted this device to really work, to be so great that everyone would fall in love with it. I wanted it to be so good that you would want to sleep this way forever, to be really happy with it, year after year.

Over time, The Floating Bed evolved. It was NOT designed just for looks. It was designed to feel great, and provide you with benefits. Its form is based on its function, a design principle found in nature, and in the truly great things in the world. Our patent on it has over thirty separate, new, unique claims. You'll notice many important details that have been worked out, once you use it. The One-Point overhead suspension’s gentle motion, the sturdy build quality, the tight, flat net undersupport with Memory Foam and adjustable firmness, the easily adjustable height, the sheet tuck-in feature, and many more design refinements are the result of a lot of attention and testing. They all contribute to a great, unique experience, and a product so new and different that you will be eager to get in it to spend some quality time, every day.  Invite your friends to try it too. It’s simply a great place to hang out together, relax, or sleep; your choice.

About John Huff  

The inventor, John Huff, has invented a number of health products over his 40-year career. He works by poring over thousands of medical studies, looking for discoveries that have not yet been turned into useful products.  While looking at studies on food, nutritional products, herbs, and how physiology works, he kept coming across scientific research on the benefits of gentle rocking. Since sleep quality is the #1 predictor of health & longevity (ahead of food & exercise, which are #2 & #3), he realized that a product that improved sleep quality could make more difference in our lives than any other single change we might make.

We are the original and have been manufacturing and selling Floating Beds worldwide for 14 years. Our Floating Beds can be found in many hotels, spas, at the homes of celebrities and trend-makers, and people just like you, who all want to feel better, and be healthier.

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