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Kashwére is a luxury lifestyle brand dedicated to reproducing the same sublime comfort and relaxation within our home collections that are found in the products we provide to the finest hotels and spas the world over.
We understand being “In Touch” with yourself is crucial to living a fulfilling life. This is even more imperative in a constantly-evolving world full of increasingly high-stress, high-tension situations that demand grueling schedules and seemingly non-stop activity. Sometimes, you simply must “get away.”

At Kashwére, we acknowledge that not only can style reflect a state of mind, but a state of mind can reflect a style.

Thus, we’re steadfastly devoted to the wedding of smart manufacturing technology with time-honored techniques to produce our Kashwére Lifestyle products. At the heart of our efforts lies the “wunderyarn,” Chenilla. Chenilla has lauded in yarn crafting circles across the globe thanks to its velvety-rich texture. The soft, smooth feel and pleasant, substantial bulk of this yarn make for remarkably comfortable accessories that are relentlessly cozy.

Just how cozy, you ask? Consider that our renowned, luxury assortment of robes, jackets and throws have been featured on Oprah’s wildly popular Favorite Things Show (2005). Additionally, Kashwére’s signature collections have debuted at the Academy Awards and the ESPYs.

Thanks to our exclusive distribution partners, the Kashwére Lifestyle line is finding a foothold with more and more fans, friends, and patrons looking to feel both relaxed and stylish, whether they’re at home, at work, or teeing off on the greens.

We can’t wait for you to experience the profound difference afforded by Chenilla!


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