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Madison Collection, Bed & Bath Accessories & Apparel

The Madison Collection, was created by designer entrepreneur Charmaine T. Lang. A single mother and immigrant, often she would spend days on the road staying at one hotel after another selling cash registers and point of sales terminals.

Charmaine came to believe that hotels should should provide the same sense of comfort and luxury that can be experienced with lovely towels at home.

The outcome has resulted in a global company based on Charmaine's high standard of ethics, servicing an international clientele of more than 40 countries and growing. She has grown her business to be a global leader for the design and manufacturing of the best in sustainable cotton towels, robes and bath accessories in the industry. Her firm continues to maintain the top  environmental and social standards. Their products provide the same comfort and luxury in sustainability to you and family as in the world's finest hotels.

“The heart of a business beats throughout all of its operations and shines through in its products. The Madison Collection treats all our employees like family. Our business practices honor our environment so that our company will contribute to a sustainable future for our children and theirs.”

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