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Monica Mauro Jewelry, Modern Designs, Druzy Jewelry

Monica Mauro has always had a love of nature and for natural stones. Her inspiration truly comes from the outdoors. As an experienced traveler, she has enjoyed learning about and integrating different types of resources from around the world into her work. She uses many different natural resources in her designs including semi-precious gemstones and leather. Her current collection showcases her use of Druzy agate which is a crystallized form of the Agate Stone which really highlights the way these stones shimmer and shine especially in the sunlight.

Monica's use of agate stones is largely due to the stones natural properties. Agate is said to be a stone of strength, emotional and physical strength. It is known as a good luck stone and to give courage and self-confidence. Some of the strongest qualities of agate is its ability to increase energy and to remove/transform negative energy. To ensure top quality, Monica uses Sterling Silver and Gold Filled findings in all of her designs and every piece in this collection is bold and exciting and is sure to make a statement.

The Monica Mauro jewelry line is a modern collection of Druzy Jewelry which is designed to make a statement. This collection focuses on natural stones with a strong emphasis on the beauty of Natural Druzy Agate. These stones are natural agate with tiny crystals of quartz found inside natural geodes. Our flat Druzy is AAA Quality crystal quartz coated with Titanium in a vacuum process which creates various iridescent colors and effects with results that dazzle in these sparkling colors.

Monica’s use of Druzy Agate is in large part due to the strength properties of the agate stone. Agate is known as a stone of strength and enhances and strengthens intellect. Agate is also said to increase energy levels while also removing negative energies from the body. It is a good luck stone and promotes self-confidence with added benefits of reducing anxiety and providing stress relief. The Agate is a very powerful stone and is the backbone of Monica’s line.

The Druzy necklace collection pairs Druzy beads with these Druzy stones or even larger Druzy pendants. Our Druzy earring collection pairs these stones with Sterling Silver or Gold Filled hoops or hooks in a variety of contemporary designs. (More to come to mySpaShop) The Druzy bracelet collection again offers a nice pairing of Druzy beads and stones in some very unique and whimsical designs.

Monica has a love for all natural stones and in addition to her current Druzy jewelry collection she also offers a variety of some of her favorites including labradorite, moonstone, and pyrite. These stones have a dramatic ability to change colors in the sunlight which helps make these designs wonderfully versatile for day or night.

Monica Mauro Jewelry

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