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Nayer Kazemi Water Art

Meet the Artist

Nayer has pursued her passion for art since childhood. She believes that art should have a positive influence in the world and on our life experiences. She studied in Persia at Tehran University and at California State University, Los Angeles. She also attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  After her education, she knew with certainty that her medium would be water. Through her visionary talent, Nayer creates unique, mixed media water sculptures which come alive through texture, light, and sound. Her distinctive style creates a subtle blend of ceramic, bamboo, glass and metal that embraces the tranquility and continuity that water represents.

Nayer believes that our relationship with water is an important aspect of our existence. 
   “The human body is 98% water and three-fourths of our planet is covered by water. Water is in the soil and in the air. Water is in every part of nature. Seeing, touching, tasting and hearing the sounds of water brings peace and tranquility to our very being. As I journey through the exploration of this liquid art form, it is my intention to create balance and harmony within my life and, through my work, to positively touch the lives of others.” Over the last two decades, Nayer has continued to expand her design concepts, challenge her creative boundaries and always remained true to her vision while producing exciting original works of art.

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