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Nefeli Herbal IntelligenceTM • Adaptogenic CareTM

About our company


Herbal IntelligenceTM • Adaptogenic CareTM

Instant beauty & rejuvenation with sustained anti-aging health benefits.


Our Difference:

  • Products that create beauty from the inside out by recovering your body’s natural internal balance for Beauty, Health and Rejuvenation.
  • Formulated by Certified Herbalist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine with over 20 years of clinical experience.
  • Only natural herbal ingredients sourced from indigenous areas and of the highest quality.


Our Pledge:

  • The best combination of natural and organic ingredients.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • No artificial fragrances or colors.
  • No mineral oils.


Our Mission: 

To create the best natural and effective skin & body care products with specialty healing herbs for instant beauty and rejuvenation with sustained anti-aging health benefit. NefeliTM aspires to share and enhance, with modern science, the vast and treasured ancient eastern knowledge of natural healing throughout the world.


Our Profile: 

Established in 2002, NefeliTM is trusted worldwide by professional practitioners of anti-aging rejuvenation and consumers seeking beauty, health, and rejuvenation.  NefeliTM is a pioneer and a top researcher in the modern implementation of ancient Chinese medicine for beauty care, body and skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments.


Our Philosophy and Products:

NefeliTM follows the philosophy of the Chinese sages and brings its healing principles to today’s health-conscious women and men. We practice what Chinese medicine teaches.  Beauty and health are intertwined and depend upon a delicate balance of the root “treasures” of our beings. The treasures are Qi (energy), Jing (essence) and Shen (spirit).  NefeliTM strongly supports the Chinese principle that our body has a tremendous inborn healing power that can be further utilized.  That is precisely what our products do.  True to Chinese tradition, and proven by clinical experience,  NefeliTM blends the pure essences of Chinese specialty beauty herbs in the precise dosages to draw out their maximum impact and benefit.   Combining ancient wisdom with the latest scientific research,  NefeliTM brings to you a refined and exclusive gift from the natural world.  Our products are a part of a rejuvenated life resulting from a true balance within the body.


About Dr. Ping Zhang, DOM, LAc, Certified Herbalist

“Beauty and Health - the vast Ancient wisdom that can achieve both, with the effectiveness of modern day science and the purity of nature,  are yet to be tapped. In awe of the thousand years’ of treasured knowledge and inspired by a vision to unleash the healing power of nature,  I am committed to continuing writing the history of nature’s healing, combined with science, for beauty and rejuvenation that comes with sustained anti-aging health benefit.  Discovering and formulating herbal remedies tailored to the needs of modern day women and men through experimentation and bringing to the world the best there is in the field of beauty, health and rejuvenation has been and remains my lifelong passion. I embrace the wisdom of the ancient healing ways and have based my life’s work and practice around this healing art.” – Dr. Ping Zhang.

Dr. Zhang grew up in China where her family and ancestors practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for generations.

Dr. Ping Zhang is a Licensed Acupuncturist, a National Certified Herbalist, with a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine. She has more than 20 years of clinical experience specializing in facial and body rejuvenation acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbal medicine. Dr. Zhang teaches and lectures on facial and body rejuvenation techniques to beauty and medical professionals and students around the world.

As the first recipient of a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine in the US, Dr. Zhang is a pioneer in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-aging and facial and body rejuvenation. She designed and taught the first-ever graduate level course in the U.S. on Traditional Chinese Medicine facial and body rejuvenation for New York College for the Health Professions. She is the author of the books ‘Anti-Aging Therapy’ and ‘A Comprehensive Handbook for Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation which are published and sold internationally.

President and Founder of Nefeli, Dr. Zhang created and developed the Nefeli skincare products based on the ancient eastern philosophies and practices in conjunction with the evidence supported by modern science. Nefeli products were formulated based on her many years of clinical experience in treating patients and understanding their need and desire for natural based and effective products. Each product is specially formulated with a precise and unique combination of the natural ingredients to best draw out their maximum medicinal powers and benefits.

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